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Posted by Beau on August 26, 2000 at 17:13:10:

In Reply to: Re: coated many? posted by beau on August 26, 2000 at 17:04:05:

: :
: : : : I am giving up on mega does of ibuprofen for pain due to elevated blood pressure and swelling. I want to start on coated aspirin but don't know how many to take daily for relief. Can someone advise me?

: : : Relief of what?..., beau

: : Beau, I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. Relief for arthritis pain is what I meant to say.

: Hello carrie,
: Aspirin is of course an accepted arthritis med, and in my opinion, one of the better ones, if one's stomach can handle them. Many folks cannot take even the coated ones. For this reason, I advise you to see a rheumatologist, if you're not already seeing one, and tell him that you want to try aspirin therapy. I used aspirins for the first 24 years of my arthritis ( RA) ). For the first 11 years, I used ordinary Bayer aspirin and they helped me emmensely. I credit them with the reason I still have all my own joints to this day---they kept the inflammation down and therefor helped to arrest the erosion of the synovial membrane. After 11 years, my stomach said "that's all the plain aspirins you better give me", so my rheumatologist switched me to disalcid, which is an aspirin like substance that melts in your intestine rather than in your stomach. I didn't stop the disalcid until I started on enbrel and I did so well that I thought I might be able to give up the aspirin/disalcid, so I did, and I'm doing OK at this time. So, I think a lot of aspirins and they've been around so long that we all know their potential side effects. But, I still advise you to use them with a rheumatologist's sanction and under his care. Good Luck...,beau

Sorry, carrie,
I forgot to tell you how many aspirins I used, LOL. I generally used 20 aspirins per day when I used bayer's, and when we switched me to disalcid, I took 7 or 8 per day, depending on my condition at the time. 8 disalcid is equivalent to about 18 1/2 aspirins. It goes pretty much by body weight, carrie, and somewhat by severity of disease, I suppose. I weigh about 200 lbs, so I would say that 12 to 20 aspirins would be a dose for a 200 pounder, depending upon severity of disease. Good Luck..., beau

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