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Posted by Moon on September 18, 2000 at 13:00:44:

Ha anybody noticed a connection between food allergies and RA. In a book published several years ago (now most likely out of print, unless you know some people), a doctor form england spoke of a connection between things you put in or on your body and RA.

The name of the book is Arthritis, the Allergy connection. The writer spoke of an elimination diet that would clear the the body of all toxins and allow to identify the offending substance. (it takes about ten days).

It doesn't work for everyone. But it worked for my loved one, with my support! (lots of it).

I did not believe it would work. The doctors had run out of solutions. All they could do is watch and give my loved one, more and more painkillers and antiinflamatory steroids to keep the swelling and the pain down. Until one day, my love one had to be taken to the hospital emergency room for digestive complications arisisng from the massive doses of medication.

Just then, it seemed a good time to try the books way. My loved one has been pain free, symptom free and everything free for over ten years. The offending substance was brocolli (it may be different for everyone, and there may be more than one substance. from toothpaste to body lotion!)

I am not related to the book seller, or author in any way. I don't care if you buy the book (if you can find it). and the only reason I tell you this story is: I promised someone up high, I would tell this story to as many people as I could If my loved one could get out of this one OK. ...they did, so I am, so here we are...

When everything else hasn't worked.

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