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Posted by Moon on September 19, 2000 at 13:37:15:

In Reply to: Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis and FOOD ALLERGIES--More details posted by Hopeful on September 19, 2000 at 01:32:27:

It worked for us! It took a while and it gets darker before you see the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what, keep going. Remember- RA is one of those incurable deseases that the doctors have found no cure for. In other words they have no idea what causes it. So many doctors take the shotgun approach to it. Hit it with as many things as they can, maybe it will go away. But if you read the statistics, where are all the people that have been cured by traditional medicine. How many people on this site can state they were cured, or significantly helped in their quality of life. I haven't read about the first one! This worked for my test case. It's not a quick fix. You don't have to buy anything expensive. You just have to not give up. From now on you are a detective! You are searching for the reason you get pain! It could be anything. The air, the cat, the rug, the mold, the detergent, the food, the candy, etc. anything! It could even be the medicines you are taking now. (be careful and don't discontinue any medicines that will cause life threatening situations) By the way, jut to make sure you are aware that I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to give out medical advice. And as far as you are concerned, you should take my comments as my testimonial and oppininon on this subject.

If you are hungry for more info. There is a website I found yesterday. I think although, this person seems to not have a finantial interest in the subject, he may be endorsing some books on the subject. Anyway, he gives a lot of information about the book I menteioned. Also, If you go to your favorite bookseller and inquire about the book, when the orders are enough they will reprint the book. They did about 5 years ago when I bought several copies to give away.

good luck, and remember, it's probably going to hurt a little more before it hurts a lot less.

let me know how you do.

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