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Posted by scott on September 22, 2000 at 15:45:01:

In Reply to: Re: Finger surgery posted by Rebecca on April 30, 2000 at 09:41:46:

: : Have any of you had surgery on a finger to correct a deformity? My middle finger is extremely crooked and painful due to arthritis and my doctor has recommended surgery to correct it. I'm a little concerned about going to this extreme and would appreciate input from anyone who has had the surgery.

: Hope your still wanting the infromation about finger surgury, i did not notive your message ealier!
: Bue im 18 and hav had arthritis for 14 years now. My fingers have been very badly deformed so much so that they reall look like claws and i have very little movement in them. My surgon recomened i have an operation on one very bad on as it was so bent i was loosing circulation to the tip of it. The surgury had never been done befor, it was not joint replacement, they were going to put metal pins throught my finger and then attach a spind device wich would hopefully staigten it out,many surgons came together and looked at my fingers and said that i should try it.
: I did have the surgury, it was very painful, but once new medication was worked put i got used to it.
: The pins had to stay in for a month or so and were then removed. Unfortunatly in my case the surgury was not very sucsessful,it did get a bit staighter, but i can no longer bend it and it has become quiet wasted.
: Sorry that i could not give you a more positive resonse, but hope things work out for you !
: Bec!

Hi. I have a torn tendon in my pinky, and i am totally unable to bend the tip of the finger after months of physical therapy. My surgeon gave me three options: 1) continue physical therapy; 2) radica' surgery to fix the tendons followed by aggressive physical therapy to try to cut through all the scar tissue and bend the finger again; and 3) salvage operation surgery, essentially cutting the tendons that are pulling back the tip fo the finger and not letting it bend. iin the case of 3, i could then use the finger, but i could not straighten it out. The radical surgery sounds like Bec's, in that pins are inserted that you use to actually bend the finger with for a month. any thoughts, anyone?

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