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Posted by JDK on October 05, 2000 at 23:57:21:

In Reply to: Re: Juvenile arthritus posted by beau, on October 05, 2000 at 18:33:13:

: : My son's pediatrician (he is about to turn 5) just called me with the test results that she had ordered because he doesn't eat, and is not gaining weight, and he has what every other pediatrician has called "growing pains" in his knees and feet.(ie waking up at night crying cause his knees or feet hurt so much, and we have been instructed "not to worry" and to give him tylenol and rub them). Now he has tested postitive for Rhuematoid arthritus, and she wants him to go see a specialist, the closest of which is over 100 miles away. To top it off, she called late in the day, and I cannot talk to anyone at my insurance or the specialist until tomorrow. I read a bit on the internet, and now I am kind of freaked out, some of the effects are so severe. Can anyone help me? Give me some good websites or something. Is this always a severe problem when it occurs in kids? Thanks in advance.

: :
: : JDK

: Hello jdk,
: Juvenile RA is sometimes severe and sometimes not so severe. You won't know until your child's condition develops, if he does in fact have JuvRA. There is no "positive" test for rhumatoid arthritis, so it is possible that your child does not have JuvRA, but it IS likely that he has something "arthritis related" and needs treatment BY A RHEUMATOLOGIST. Rheumatologists are doctors that are fully trained, with extra education in rheumatic diseases,beyond what an MD gets,so
: pease see that he does get referred to and tested by a rheumatologist. Some folks think that becauseone tests positive for rheumatoid factor, that this proves rheumatoid arthritis is present, but this is not at all true. There are many diseases and conditions, some not related to arthritis at all, that present an elevated rheumatoid factor, so don't fool around and don't lose hope. Get your child into treatment by a RHEUMATOLOGIST, ASAP, and don't let the distance to the clinic bother you. I drive 200 miles, round trip, monthly, to see my rheumatologist. It is just something that must be done. Good Luck for a diagnosis better than JuvRA, and if it is in fact, Juv RA, then Good luck for a mild case and an early remission...,beau

Thank you for your reply, we have an appt. with a rheumetologist in early November, it will be a hard wait, but I am thinking that if there is a problem (hopefully not, or mild) it IS best that we caught it early, as his x-rays show no damage to his joints.


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