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Posted by Pat G. on October 29, 2000 at 12:54:40:

In Reply to: Re: Thank you Pat! posted by Raven on October 28, 2000 at 22:33:27:

: Thanks for the info Pat, I will get in touch with Skip, plus I will check out the site and read up on everything. Now do I have to have my Ortho Doc refer me to the Pain Management Specialist? I have never been to one. I have heard of Oxycotin(sp). It sounds like a great drug for the pain but again I would be afraid of long term use. Of course for major flareups I do not think it would hurt. I have been on and off of Darvocets for years. I would give just about anything for a day where I could sit down with my 6 yr old and do something fun just for her and not have a short fuse and yell at her or someone else to spoil it. I would do just about anything to be able to look at my house and say out loud, "Wow there is nothing to do, Boy does this place look great" or for someone else to say that! Pat you do not know how good you have made me feel just thinking there is hope for a day like I dream of. I will do all I can to find the help I need. I know its a rough road and since I have no choice but to travel it now, I will try like Heck!!!! I do pray and I try to be a good Christian but I must not have enough faith yet.Sometimes I feel like I wasn't dealt a very good hand in life and I do not know why or how someone as great and loving as the Almighty would allow such pain to me or anyone for that matter. I am working on my failth though. Thanks again and keep in touch, Raven :)
Dear Raven: I want to respond to the God stuff first. God gave mankind free choice and basically allowed us to "do our own thing" over the years. Since we are imperfect beings in an imperfect world, because mankind has chose that, we have imperfect bodies. God doesn't like to see us suffer; however, He won't change the laws of life. Such as with gravity, what goes up must come down. In mankinds own choices, our world has gone downhill, and along with that, so have our bodies. What God will do is not necessarily change your circumstances, but He will make something good come from your circumstances, if you believe. There is another verse in the Bible where this guy wanted his child healed. Jesus asked, "Do you believe?" The man said, "Lord, I want to believe; help me in my unbelief." If you keep asking, God will give you the faith. It is like, if you had a million dollars in your bank account and you didn't believe it was there, how could you spend it? Raven, maybe, for some strange reason, we had to meet. Tough circumstances force us to come to nothing of ourselves, and all of God. "His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses." (from Corinthians somewhere). This is what God wants; if life is easy, we all become complacent. Faith comes when life gets tough and after you gain your faith, you receive peace that surpasses all understanding (from Phillipians somewhere).

Regarding the medications, usually your primary care doctor refers you to a pain management specialist. If you don't mind my asking, what are you getting surgery for? Also, I understand your concerns about getting stronger meds, such as they won't work, etc. Your arthritis is making you irritable, due to the pain. These doctors know how to handle the opiates. They understand the tolerance, etc. The secret to opiates is that periodically, you have to cut yourself back. No doctor ever told me this, I just do it, to keep my pills working. Doing that cutting back is sort of a pain, but when you look at your life choices, I'd rather deal with that occasionally than hurt. Nerve pain is almost unbearable. It can make you crazy. I'd just start with the Ortho doctor, if that is who you are seeing right now. Tell him how irritable you feel, because of the pain, and that you have a young child to care for. I'd first go to that pain site, or contact Skip, because Skip is a pro. He may give you even better insite that I can. Also, if you want stronger meds for those occasional flare ups, usually doctors don't have a problem with occasional use. Maybe because you are already getting the Darvocet, they don't want to give you anything stronger. There are new thoughts these days on the narcotics. They are just starting to realize people heal better after surgeries when the pain is properly handled. Also, they are realizing chronic pain people need some sort of quality of life. Many doctors are still living in the "dark ages" when it comes to the opiates. Exactly what do you tell your doctor? Raven, I hope I am not getting too personal. I am just asking so I can better help you and understand your communications with your doctor.

You take care of yourself; you are in my prayers. Remember, there is always hope. Pat G.

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