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Posted by Pat G. on November 03, 2000 at 12:36:18:

In Reply to: Re: I am still here! posted by Raven on November 02, 2000 at 21:44:48:

: Thanks Pat,
: Just your words alone on God and issues about faith have really helped me. I do pray and it is getting easier. Before I didn't quite know what to say. Now I know that it doesn't matter so much as long as I have faith and say what is in my heart. I am sorry I didn't respond right away. My husband has been sick for a week and I finally got him to go to the Doctor. He has Pneumonia and is home. He didn't want to go in the hospital and now I am doing all I can to get him better. He is doing better but I think he would of gotten better faster in the hospital. I get Pneumonia ofter but last year we both got the Pneumonia vaccine. I haven't gotten it yet( Knock on wood) although I have been coughing and feeling under the weather again, the last few days. My mom wants me to find out if I can get disability. Where should I go, who should I talk to? I went to my Ortho appointment on the 30th and he took the cast off my left hand and did some tests. I guess the ligaments around my thumb joint are healing but the tendon is shredded so I will have one surgery on my left hand to look forward too! At least thats better than three different surgeries scheduled at different times! I still have the right hand surgery scheduled in Dec and my arthritis pain is so bad the last few days that I can hardly put weight on my feet and the knee and hip are killing me. I doubled up on the Darvocet and the Doc said the best he could do on the pain pills would be Vicodin. What do you think about them? He still thinks the Davocets do better for the kind of pain I have but he said I could try Vicodin if I wanted. I hope things are good for you. I still haven't wrote to Skip since James took ill. But I will tomorrow. Thanks for being there for me you are a God send! :) Raven

Dear Raven: Go for the Vicodin! They are a stronger pain reliever than the Darvocet. Also, they are easier on the stomach. I used to get them and they are good.

Glad to hear you are staying close to God! That is the only way to get through life's difficulties. I am not a holier than thou Bible banger; believe me, actually I am rather a "bratty type" of individual that constantly has to be careful not to get out of line. Because if I get out of line, then God will "take me to the woodshed" and disicpline me; and I don't much care for that! I've actually been rather wild.

Regarding disability, I think you are a candidate for social security disability. Arthritis does not get better. Plus, the pain meds you are taking can make you spacey and holding a job would be difficult. I live in the state of Washington, and I applied three times. Social Security makes it a practice to deny you twice; then you go before an administrative law judge. I don't know your financial situation, but it looks as if your husband works. You would have to have worked 5 years of the last 10 years to get it under the age of 65 yrs old. Congress passed this "nice" law in 1990-91, simply to knock more people out. SSI is sort of like welfare; based on your total family income. My husband was getting $984/mo. from the V.A, and they only allowed me about $250/mo. on SSI, as we were making too much money (that was for 4 people!). Well, my soap is on. Gotta go for now. BUT, Raven, I'm not done yet. I have more info. re. disability for you. Take care, Pat G.
P.S. Sorry about your hubby with pneumonia; my hubby and son have had that before (& so have I), and it is nasty!

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