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Posted by Tim on November 17, 2000 at 15:36:36:

In Reply to: Re: Hip Replacement due to Osteoarthritis posted by Louise on November 07, 2000 at 12:52:18:

: : : : Has anyone heard of any other alternative surgery if someone is too young to have their hip replaced?

: : : Hello, I'm a 29 year old female who is 5 weeks post-THR (born with a bad hip). I lived with pain for a decade before undergoing surgery. I DO NOT regret my decision. Exactly 2 weeks post-op, ALL my pain disappeared, and I was more mobile than I'd been in years. Youth has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to THR. I accept the fact that I may need two, possibly three more of these surgeries in my lifetime. I guarantee that when I need the next one, I will not hesitate; I'll gladly and thankfully throw myself on that operating table and tell my wonderful surgeon to get to work, because I've got living to do! How young is young enough to seriously hesitate (even in the face of quality of life issues)? I suppose when a person still has growing to do... THAT'S too young.

: :
: : Hi

: : My names Elaine and I just read the message from
: : the 29 year old who had a hip replacement. I've had a severe osteoarthritis left hip since 1996.
: : I was 53 at the time and all doctors said it's much too young to even think about a replacement.
: : I accepted their advice, followed the pain medication program and the exercise program but my
: : world has gotten smaller and smaller. finally some of the doctors are starting to rethink their
: : original stance of waiting, waiting waiting. Now
: : I got the go ahead to seek a surgeon and prepare
: : for a replacement. There are so many different
: : kinds of replacements. Has anyone been in my place
: : and found the perfect surgeon and perfect procedure for a hip replacement? Looking forward
: : to hearing from you. Elaine

: Hi, Elaine. My 22-year-old son had a hip replacement earlier this year. He's getting the other hip
: replaced tomorrow. (First one was due to avascular necrosis from alot of predisone and the other
: due to severe arthrisit.) The type they do with someone so young is not the cemented one; rather
: the device they use allows bone to attach to it and supposedly will last longer. The recovery is a
: longer as he can't be putting weight on it for awhile. I think it's about 2 months total recovery time,
: if I'm remembering right. The first operation went very well. We're praying that with this 2nd operation,
: he will be able to walk without pain and crutches, go back to work, and start enjoying life to its
: fullest again; it's been a long time. From what I've read and folks I've talked with, the majority of folks
: getting hip replacements have a very good outcome. Take care, Louise.

Hi all, I'm a 34 year old male who had a total hip joint replacement when I was 23. I had to have the surgery due to having osteomyalitis in the hip at the age of 14 and the resulting bone degeneration. My advice also is to do it and get on with life. The surgery and recovery was fairly easy. ...for me at least. I did have to go back in last year and have the ball and polyethalene cup replaced due to wear, a little disappointing, but everything else was still solidly in place. My doctor assured me that the materials are better these days and that I should get alot more than ten years this time. Do it! You'll be glad you did.
Good Luck,

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