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Posted by Pat G. on November 26, 2000 at 20:31:38:

In Reply to: 18 yrs old living w/ Anklosing Spondilitis/Fibromyalsia posted by Jeana on November 21, 2000 at 03:37:54:

: I'm 18 years old/female and have been living with the pain of Anklosing Spondilitis since I was 10. All of my joints are affected and am now taking one of two medications that work for the long term: celebrex. The other is indocine. Indocine has given me some stomach problems and stops working after 6-9 months. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalsia (I believe I am spelling that right) and with it, increased pain. You'd think it would be enough to just have my joints hurt now very intense muscle pain!

: I'm looking for some advice for the long term. I've heard about fusion? I'm in college now, wanting to go to Vet school but am becoming more and more depressed, the pain worsens every day it seems and I'm beginning to think it's only going to get worse. What happens in the long run.. I really need some help! Feel free to contact me!

Hello, and I am sorry for your pain. If you scroll through this board, it almost sounds like the United Kingdom is coming up with some hope for us. It was posted by Paul N. on Mov. 26th. Who knows? Maybe things will change for us arthritis sufferers.

I have spinal (ostheo type) arthritis and live in constant pain, as it fans out from the spine. Since I have it in my neck (justed fused in June, 2000) and low back, my arms and legs burn and ache all the time. I am a 52 year old female. I have raised 3 children, and my youngest is a 19 year old boy. Although I do not have rheumatoid arthritis, I do have the widespread pain. I was told I had fibyromyalgia as well. Who knows? I think it is the spinal joints that are inflamed and this is causing our muscles to spasm and burn.

Anyway, I would ask your doctor about pain management. If I could get away from having any surgeries on the spine, I would. Except if your doctor tells you that your main spinal nerve will be damaged, or if your doctor feels it is absolutely necessary. If that was the case, I'd then get a second opinion. With chronic pain, sometimes changing your pain meds would help with the tolerance problem. Plus, if your stomach is hurting with the meds, tell your doctor. You don't need an ulcer, too!

If I were you, I'd go on with my life as planned. However, if your pain is getting very intolerable, that would be where the Pain Management Doctor or Clinic could come in. They would be better equipped to give you some tips on living your life better with R.A. If they can get your pain settled down more, if I were you, I'd go on with my college plans.

I am sorry that you are so young and have to deal with R.A. I urge you to get some support in all of this, continue coming to the message board (they are starting a new site, and this one will be cancelled, so be sure to go to the new site. A lot of chronic pain people are at the back pain board), if that helps you to vent or to ask questions, or talk to your doctor about a support group. Just don't go through this alone. (I was very active and rather wild, so I know how suddenly being slowed down by a medical condition feels.) Anyway, please take care of yourself and feel free to post anytime. There are a lot of us out there who understand pain. Take care, PatG

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