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Posted by Michele on December 01, 2000 at 22:28:03:

In Reply to: Re: Arthritis meds posted by Beau on October 21, 2000 at 11:31:25:

: : My husband has degenerative arthritis of the spine and is on disability for it. His specialist had him on around 30 darvocettes a week for two years and then suddenly cut him off the meds, saying he takes too much pain medication. He also told him to see another doctor because he was dismissing himself from the case. My husband only took the medicine as prescribed by this physician, and it did relieve the pain somewhat. At his last physical, this doctor asked him what he needed and he said he would just stay with the darvocette because he didn't want to get started on anything stronger in case he may need stronger meds in the years to come. The doctor gave him the med. prescription and we left. He never discussed anything at all about the meds. In fact, he waltzes in and out of the room so fast that we hardly ever have time to even ask questions. When my husband first started seeing this doctor, he sent him to a pain management center but they checked him out and said all they could see to do was continue the davocette and sent him back to this doctor. For two years he treated him. I called the office after I got the letter dismissing him as a patient and the nurse told me that he was better off seeing a new physician because this doctor was not the best one to see. She told me this confidentially and said she knew exactly where I was coming from when I told her the situation. I just wondered if any of you have ever had a situation like this come up and if I should contact the AMA about him.

: My advice is "just find another doctor, and be sure he is a rheumatologist"...,beau

My advice is also to find another Dr. They are
not all created equal. I can relate to this
situation. I had a Dr. that put my health
in serious jepoardy and I am in the process of
finding a new one. In my opinion it sounds
like the Dr. treating your husband had very poor
judgement and was very unprofessional. It seems crazy to me that he would only throw
pain killers at the problem and not try to
offer any other remedies for his problems.

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