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2 year old may have

2 year old may have

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Posted by Tina on January 26, 2000 at 16:15:26:

Hi I sure hope ya all are doing ok with all this nasty weather that has been going around. I want to know if someone might be able to help me out with some info here. My, just turned, 2 year old son just got a very bad cold and cough about 2 days ago. I took him in to our ped to be checked out today and he say he is worried that he may have asthma. No one in our family has it or any of my 3 other kids. I am so worried about this and am making myself sick over it. The doc had the baby use a nebulizer (spell ?) in the office, which the baby thought was great fun, and since it did seem to help his cough some and it loosened up his breathing he perscribed one for the next week till he checks him again. A company is delivering it in a few hours and I was just at the pharmacy to pick up his medicines for it and the cough and antib for his ear infection. Sorry to go on and on I am just so worked up over this and want to get it all out. I want to hear from others who have kids(or themselves) that have this and things that we can do to help. I have hung a sign on the front door that NO one is to smoke inside the house, including me, and I also want to know about cats and pets, could it make it worse for the baby? I have 1 long haired cat and 1 short and also a shih tzu that are supposed to be none shedding and ok for asthma and allergies. Please anyone who has any info would you please either mail me or post so that maybe I can find out more info, the more the better. I know I am not going to sleep again tonight thinking that he might need me. Please any info asap...thank you all....Peace Y

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