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Smoking Pot and Asthma

Smoking Pot and Asthma

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Posted by Alex on September 26, 2000 at 01:00:10:

Does anyone on this board have asthma and smoke pot and notice that it has no harmful side effects to asthma? Well i noticed that. Ive had asthma since i was one year old. It has been pretty severe since ive had it.When i was about 16 i smoked pot and it had no effect on my asthma at all. I smoke about twice a week since i was about 16 or 17(im 22 now) and it never made my asthma worse and i found that i actually can breath easier when i smoke.I did some research on this and it has been proven that pot can help people with asthma.I asked my doc about it and he said that pot acts as a muscle relaxer therefore it relaxes your airways and makes breathing easier(he doesnt condone this at all of course). I was reading that in the 1800's when there was nothing at all to treat asthma pot was used to treat it(of course not in large amounts) but a few puffs cleared people up.I found that researchers say that in 80% of people with asthma pot has been known to stop an all out asthma attack after taking one inhale of it. I would never wanna try smoking pot to releive severe asthma especially since there are so many medications now a days to treat it but i have smoked with mild asthma before and it cleared my asthma right up and the asthma didnt come back. What im tryin to say is that they should research pot a little more for the treatment of asthma.It may not be for everyone but in my case it works(as said before i never tried it for severe asthma but it has worked for mild to moderate asthma) and some friends i know it works for them and people that ive met chatting says it has no side effects for them either.Pot is becoming more and more popular among treating medical conditions and this is one they should look into to.Its to bad the government labeled it as a drug because the research thats being done now for medical use wouldve gotten done a lot earlier.Im not saying to make it all out legal.But just as another medication to try to help asthma.I mean the side effects of taking steroid inhalers and pills are far more severe(which i take everyday,azmacort steroid inhaler) than any from pot(if any at all).They really really need to look further into it because it could be a miracle for severe asthma sufferers such as myself.And im not saying this because i wanna get a buzz legally because it only takes one inhale or 2 to work which doesnt even do anything to you.Alright thats all i have to say about it i guess.Before you ridacule me about this get the facts about it and look into it.I am by no means saying to try this at all.In fact DONT try this.Its all up to you what you wanna try. It could very well possibly be the next asthma medicine being used to treat asthma sufferers.Like i said the long term health effects from inhalers and other treatments are not healthy so why would pot be any worse to give a shot at.It may not work for some..It may work for others just as prescribed drugs sometimes work and sometimes dont....ok well look into this on the internet and ask your doctor like i did about and dont look down on it because you may one day be prescribed pot for asthma hah..from a fellow asthma sufferer.(DONT TRY POT FOR ASTHMA) Only you know whats best for you...bye now

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