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Posted by Nancy on October 08, 2000 at 14:22:06:

Hi All,

I had posted a message in September titled, Still can't accept autism diagnosis. Yvonne had said she felt there was a difference between classic autism and regressive. I know my daughter was normal up until recently. Looking back on videos, she pointed, made eye contact, was affectionate etc. She still does all those skills and the only thing that we see a change in are her irrational fears and some sensory problems. Otherwise she plays with other children and is starting to pretend play more and more each day. So, is she really autistic or is it a sensory problem? Has she always had it or is it regressive and caused by an outside influence? My husband and I still maintain she changed her behavior after she had Lyme Disease. I know there is a difference of opinion on what causes autism and I'm not questioning the cause but the fact that she is autistic. I can't find a Developmental Specialist in my area and the pediatrician doesn't know of any either. That's why we were sent to a Neurologist. She saw my daughter for 40 minutes and was frightened by the scale with the big eyes on it, so she saw her at her worst. Even so the doctor she had good eye contact and played in a very appropriate way with her stuffed animal. My daughter even played peek-a-boo with the doctor. So this is why we're so confused. I know you can't give me any answers but I just think I'd like to hear some more opinions. The support from this board is wonderful and support is what I need right now. I find reading what everyone thinks helps a lot. We are having her evaluated by the Child Study team at school but it taking forever, even thought I keep pushing. Even though we're having a hard time accepting this we are treating it, from and educational standpoint, that she is autistic and will get her the intervention she needs. Thanks for listening. It helps to vent.

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