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Posted by Margaret. on October 09, 2000 at 17:24:48:

In Reply to: Liz posted by Nancy on October 09, 2000 at 11:59:38:

: Hi Liz,

: I think I'll wait to see what the school system says. You're right about not trying to paint her in the best possible light. I'm afraid the school may not think her behavior warrents therapy. I believe she still needs some sort of intervention due to her sensory problems. There are days where she seems like any other child and other days where she seems a little "off". Everyone has their good and bad days. Right now the school is the only place I have to turn to. My daughters pediatrician said there are no good developmental specialist in our area and that's why she sent me to a neurologist. Aside from the autism, I still feel she needs to be tested for Lyme again. Most Lyme literate doctors don't take insurance due to the fact that insurance companies accuse them of over treating. For the sake our daughters well being we're just going to have pay out of pocket to get her the proper tests she needs. Thanks for confirming my doubts about the autism diagnosis. I guess maybe that's what I was looking for... Just a little reassurance that I wasn't being too naive about it all. Thanks.

: : Dear Nancy,

: : Isn't there any other doctor that can evaluate her? I don't blame you for doubting the diagnosis. Have you looked at the diagnostic criteria for autism and compared it with your daughter's behavior?
: : It is important to let the school evaluate her so she can get the services she needs. I wouldn't try to paint her in the best possible light to the evaluators at the school. You should really be objective about her behavior so she can get the services she needs.
: : I don't doubt that my son is autistic. In fact I was expecting this diagnosis before it was given. All I had to do was an internet search on speech delay. I found page after page about autism and on every page that listed symptoms, I found Joe.
: : Of course, he hasn't always been this way. I think that autism is just a cop out diagnosis by the medical profession. This isn't a birth defect. Something has happened to our children to cause them to be this way. When Joe's Fragile X test and MRI were over and showed nothing, I asked my doctor what tests we should do next. She told me that I had already done more than most parents. I can't believe that a parent can just watch a child disappear into himself and not wonder what in the world happened.
: : If you feel that Lyme disease caused this and that there might be another condition that warrants treatment, I would at least get another opinion. I no longer view doctors as being the final word about everything. I have three children and they have seen probably ten different doctors that are in the pediatric practice I have always taken them to. Errors have been made in prescriptions given, poor judgement calls have been made with regard to treatment, and immunizations have been given out of order because of office router problems.
: : Most recently, I was told by a pediatrician that Zithromax wasn't used for ear infections even though it was heavily advertised for this purpose in the mid 90's.
: : You know your daughter better than the neurologist who is not super human. If you doubt this diagnosis, I would try to find another doctor and get another opinion.

: : Best Wishes,

: : Liz
: : Hi All,

: : : My daughter is 3 and high functioning. Her behavior of late confuses me. Just a month ago, Goofy was her favorite character and couldn't get enough of him. I noticed she hadn't seen the video for awhile so I asked her if she wanted to watch it. She ran out of the room, screaming and yelling, no! When she finally calmed down I asked her if Goofy scared her. Her reaction was actually violen!. She started hitting, kicking and punching me. Her face turned beat red and she cried hysterically. She wouldn't speak to me for at least an hour and was very sullen. The same thing happened again when my husband said something to her. He was trying to get her to understand it's okay to be scared. She really upset us by saying she didn't love Daddy anymore and never wanted him to hug her again. She frequently becomes afraid of things she used to like but never reacted in a violent manner. Is this typical or is something else going on? I'm afraid she's going to turn into a violent child. I'd like to hear what someone thinks. Thanks to all who reply.

: : : Nancy
in autistic spectrum disorders children often repeatedly watch the SAME THING
OVER AND OVER AGAIN, be it a film of television series ,
each repeat of the "same" brings a totally different meaning/experience for the asd child,
so it could be the last time your daughter watched goofy she translated something as bad
which frightened her,.given the character this could be the case.
Bear in mind that asd children also learn from what they see hence watching tom and jerry-
(there is "violence" in these)-
- cartoons might well affect behaviour.
Maybe a child phycologist would be the best person to evaluate your daughter .
Visiting will certainly provide you with lots of info.
Best wishes,

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