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Posted by Nancy on October 10, 2000 at 23:16:39:

In Reply to: Re: classic autism vs. regressive autism? I don't understand posted by Perhaps the PDD title is more fitting-Grandma Peg on October 09, 2000 at 14:41:27:

: : Hi All,

: : I had posted a message in September titled, Still can't accept autism diagnosis. Yvonne had said she felt there was a difference between classic autism and regressive. I know my daughter was normal up until recently. Looking back on videos, she pointed, made eye contact, was affectionate etc. She still does all those skills and the only thing that we see a change in are her irrational fears and some sensory problems. Otherwise she plays with other children and is starting to pretend play more and more each day. So, is she really autistic or is it a sensory problem? Has she always had it or is it regressive and caused by an outside influence? My husband and I still maintain she changed her behavior after she had Lyme Disease. I know there is a difference of opinion on what causes autism and I'm not questioning the cause but the fact that she is autistic. I can't find a Developmental Specialist in my area and the pediatrician doesn't know of any either. That's why we were sent to a Neurologist. She saw my daughter for 40 minutes and was frightened by the scale with the big eyes on it, so she saw her at her worst. Even so the doctor she had good eye contact and played in a very appropriate way with her stuffed animal. My daughter even played peek-a-boo with the doctor. So this is why we're so confused. I know you can't give me any answers but I just think I'd like to hear some more opinions. The support from this board is wonderful and support is what I need right now. I find reading what everyone thinks helps a lot. We are having her evaluated by the Child Study team at school but it taking forever, even thought I keep pushing. Even though we're having a hard time accepting this we are treating it, from and educational standpoint, that she is autistic and will get her the intervention she needs. Thanks for listening. It helps to vent.

: REPLY; I'm not very good at defining the differences so I'm hoping someone else who does will post more on it. As far as I understand, the Kanner's classic autism is from birth, from accidents in utero before birth, as the classic definition says. This regressive type happens later and it's as if the neurons in the brain stop developing and multiplying in the way they should. (That's why they seem normal or somewhat normal from birth until sometime later). Dr. Bradstreet quotes a Dr. Singh in saying some of these kid have an 'anti-brain' protein, something has interferred, such as a virus-including 'disease from bug bites- or heavy metals in the blood and brain, or enviromental toxin, that has combined with the usual brain proteins, masking them and the cause agent, so that the killer white cells think that both are enemies and begin to attack the brain protein. It prevents new neuronal developement and the myelin sheath development, that which covers the neurons. So, the immune system has become dysfunctional. Now that's not all there is to it but that's all I grasp at this time. I suggest you read Dr. Bradstreets page at at least into the part where it says 'so, how did our kids get into this mess'? Under the Autsim bar or Autism Research..(?).bar. It's a very long page and has some techical tracts in it ..After that outlined proposel. Also, you should read Dr. Goldberg's pages at They are slightly different yet well in harmony with 'the whole picture'. Yes, I've read that Lyme's can cause the developemental delays your child seems to now b experiencing. Paul Shattock of the ARU in England was qquoted in Karen Seroousis book as saying 'a proposal is that 'something' causes an encephalitis'...(me)-encephalitis is an inflamation of the brain or the lining of the brain, the covering .the dura, similar to what Goldberg proposes. If your neuro-Dr. doesn't offer help, get in touch with a DAN Dr. and talk with them. To find a Defeat Autism Now Dr. in you 'area', see the Autism Research Institute..DAN physicians It may help you to be under the autism umbrella as it has so many of us who are 'called' autistic spectrum disorder and don't 'sweat' the label because that's where your help now is. Perhaps, in the future, after the FDA, CDC and NIH decide that we are a legitimate health concern, we'll be 'labeled' more appropriately. But do get help from one who knows immediately. This doesn't mean you stop seeing your other Dr's, unless they hassle you abou any therapies you might decide to try that they don't anything about and if you're unable to 'handle' that. God Bless, Grandma Peg

Thanks. Since I'm so new at the autism thing, I didn't really know which books were helpful. It seems there's such a difference of opinion by medical professionals. I will take your advise and read up on the books and web sites you suggested and I'll certainly look into regressive autism. Just tonight I received an e-mail from a father who's son was diagnosed as autistic from birth. The father believes lyme was passed on to him in utero. I had never heard of this but the child is well finally after two years of lyme treatment. It makes you wonder doesn't it? Unfortunately no one seems to really know. I don't think we'd be this far without parents and grandparents being so dedicated to this cause.

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