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Posted by check the facts on October 11, 2000 at 07:40:26:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks Grandma Peg posted by Yes, there are some diagnosed as autistic from birth . unfortunately tis you who write the baloney............from Margaret. on October 11, 2000 at 04:15:32:

There is no way that anyone can predict with certainty that damage at birth or viral infections will result in autism. It can't currently be diagnosed until the symptoms appear.

Viruses may just as easily result in any number of other brain disorders. A viral infection could even result in blindness or deafness.

I repeat, no one can say at birth "this child is autistic."

You are confusing the fact that many kinds of autism can have their roots in disorders at birth, with the fact that autism itself is defined as a set of developmental disorders.

A developmental disorder can't be diagnosed until the developmental milestone is past due, hence, it cannot be done at birth.

And I say baloney with regard to the comment you originally made, because there's enough nonsense being spread about this disorder. I can't believe there must be made room for etiquette over this kind of patent nonsense. (However, I really did not want to appear personally insulting to you, and I'm sorry I allowed myself to sound that way, but I did mean to be deprecating towards that comment, and the confusion it represents.)

I think you will find it is in your own best interests to ruthlessly defend against nonsense that trivializes this disorder. Bowing to it will only hurt your child in the long run.

: Before you go into rudely insulting anyone again, please get your facts right there are children who are actually diagnosed as autistic from birth.
: Autism is widely thought to have only two causes they are, damage AT BIRTH and VIRAL infection.
: next time don't be afraid to write your name when you chose to insult somebody that certainly knows a lot more than you so obviously DON'T.
: Best wishes,
: Margaret.

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