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Posted by Liz R on October 12, 2000 at 13:25:48:

In Reply to: Odd behavior in our son, help if you can?????? posted by Tripletmom/Donna S on October 11, 2000 at 22:04:37:

Something is bothering him. He may have a sinus infection or a migraine, but this is not normal behavior for a child. Joe acted strange for three days before his regression. I took him to the doctor and at first they found nothing. The next day they found severe ear infection in both ears. This all happened 2 weeks after his varicella immunization.
Has your son had a recent illness or immunization? I would be finding out what is going on. Kids don't always have fevers with infection.


Liz R

: Hi all, our son Hayden is doing
something "weird" and were not sure what it is, maybe some of you have some knowledge out here to help us, I hope you can understand what I'm saying.........Day before yesterday, Monday am, after my dh got the boys up (I work 3rd shift) to get them ready for breakfast, Hayden wanted to lay on the floor, almost like he was ill, but later that am and on/off all day Monday he would come and sit on my lap and just bury his little head in my chest and squeeze his eyes shut real tight and grip my shirt real tight.....Now tonight while I was cooking supper my dh was playing with the boys and said honey come look at Hayden, what's this all about???? So I tell him this is what he did all day Monday on/off. So I sat down in the hall and said come to mommy baby and he came and sat on my lap and did the same thing as above...........he want's to rub his head back and forth too. Is this a headache or what??????????
: I hope someone can help us figure this out.
: Thanks
: Donna

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