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Posted by Our Grandkids-Grandma Peg on October 13, 2000 at 00:53:43:

In Reply to: For Grandma Peg posted by Nancy on October 10, 2000 at 23:50:11:

: Hi,

: You seem so informative. I haven't been on this board long, but if you don't mind, I was curious as to how you're involved in autism. I hope I'm not being too personal. Another suggestion... you should be a moderator for this board. Thanks for all your advise and input. It really means a lot. Actually I'd like to thank everyone else who responded to my postings also. It's very reassuring to know others are going through the same thing.

REPLY; The youngest of our grandkids are affected by this 'something'. Mainly, a grandson. His little sister seems to be showing some signs of 'sensitivities' which we are also getting examined. The boy was more affected and it was obvious. He began having seizures when he was nearly 2. Sometimes they were connected to a sudden fever, sometime not. So he's been through a lot of testing by our state's leading children's hospital, including DNA screening, and all they can come up with are results in normal perameters...they don't know why he has seizures, except for an bit of abnormal electrical activity on the right side of his brain, nor why he has that,nor why he exhibits autistic-like behaviors. It took a lot of web searching to finally get a correct answer in diagnosis. But, not a Whole Lot. I feel God led me to the choices I made when selections were presented. I 'stumbled onto' board sites where people who had had the same troubles before me posted ideas and suggestions for books or therapies, and related their testimonies. So, here I are. Today, I forget a lot. I have read several books of 'our modern champions', some I haven't finished and yet I refer to all of them for 'the answers'. The info is not of my knowledge tho' some is from personal experience. As for being a moderator, before the last 2 we had on this board, I thought about it, and, I was on here a great deal more of the time than now. But as so many of us do, I've reached the place where I feel I know where to look for the answers and so have less need of boards unless it is to assist others to find that info. So, I didn't want to be that devoted to a job of moderating. Secondly, as far as I know, that job requires a computer. I don't have one. I use a web TV board. Then, along came our first moderator who had been a poster on this board. When another uproar started, it seems that person was pressed to get back as often as needed, I think it was mainly due to their own job and the job of having an 'autistic-like' young child. So, when I raised a query with the webmaster as to the moderator's current status, it appeared the board owners decided to hire another moderator. The former and the current moderator have seemed able to keep the owner convinced of the uniqueness of this board by allowing url's and web sites for info on the autisc spectrum disorder or even autism, to be posted on the board. Before them, the policy had been to keep the board as a support only board but to a great many, that wasn't much help. So, anyway, the last 2 moderators seem exceptional. I think both did and will do well for this board. And I've apologized to the first of these people as I feel very responsible for getting that one relieved of the duty with My whining. And that's the 'rest of the story'. Grandma Peg

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