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Posted by Rad the pages no siganture person recommends, Then-Grandma Peg on October 13, 2000 at 01:46:07:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks Grandma Peg posted by No one is diagnosed as autistic from birth on October 11, 2000 at 01:19:34:

: You write baloney. No one is diagnosed as autistic from birth. If the definition of autism includes difficulty interacting with others, how the hell can a newborn be diagnosed with it? A diagnosis of autism can't be made until at least 24 months have passed. see


: : Just tonight I received an e-mail from a father who's son was diagnosed as autistic from birth. The father believes lyme was passed on to him in utero. I had never heard of this but the child is well finally after two years of lyme treatment. It makes you wonder doesn't it? Unfortunately no one seems to really know. I don't think we'd be this far without parents and grandparents being so dedicated to this cause.

REPLY; This is interesting info, from the American Psychological Association. I believe they sa something about learning to recognize behavioral presentations from birth. That proposal was also in a FEATnews article not long ago. Now, someone needs to post that 'old saw' about autism being characterized as a neurodevelopeental disorder' that's always quoted by anyone from the standard medical community or those writing about it who include statements from the standard me. community. Then we need someone to summarize Dr. Bradstreet's and Dr. Goldberg's theories as to the differnces between the Kanner's classic and the regressive 'type' and this new type which Goldberg refers to as NIDs, tho' I thought I did previously say something which referred to this difference. Maybe I was too vague. There are a lot of differences. There are also pages from other researchers in this field who have done these comaprisons already ... but, I've forgotten where those are. Does anyone else recall and will you post the url's, please? Grandma Peg

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