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Posted by Renee on October 15, 2000 at 20:12:42:

In Reply to: Re: gfcf diet; I'm looking for more information posted by Teri on October 09, 2000 at 15:34:56:

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: : : With the white poops, you're on the right track. have you been to have you had her blood tested for the peptides that indicate she would benefit from a gfcf diet? it's easy. just go to your doctor, take a blood sample, and send it to Alletess labs, MA. (800)-225-5404). They'll send you a packet. Have you had an endoscopy or colonoscopy to check for esophagitis or pollips in the colon? both are very common in autistics. see a good gastroenterologist who is familiar with autism.

: : : : We've had our daughter tested for allergies. She has none. I breast fed her the first eighteen months of her life and when she did start eating food I introduced one food item at a time, watching for reactions. I did this for my two older children also. My daughter has never drank a gallon of milk a day, nor has she been allowed to consume food products loaded with sugar. She has always had good bowel movements, however her stools are nearly white. Are there any opinions/in sights? regarding the gfcf diet. We have done very well treating her autism homeopathically, but I'm always looking for something else that may further improve the quality of her life. Thanks to all in advance for your thoughtfulness. Very Best Regards.
: : : : P.S. fyi - she's 14, hypoglycemic (she's on a diet for that), and on an autism scale from 1 - 10 she's a 5.

: : REPLY; When our daughter had encephalitis, she had ashen, off white poops. A kidney problem can also cause this. Other things, I'll have to re-read Williss Langford's paper, he's an herbist, naturalist, etc. who has sent a long paper to many of us, from his bok. Several of us have it and can fax it or e-mail it to you if you want it. I think he says something about this discoloration in one of them. I need to go back, as said, to research, but the above is what happened to us. Grandma Peg

: I ve been to and I've been giving this much concideration. Her blood hasn't been tested for the peptides, yet. And we haven't seen a gastroenterologist either. Is it really necessary to have a endoscopy or colonoscopy done? It sounds like a very invasive procedure. And if the diet alters the appearance of her stools and her behavior further improves what is the significants of knowing about pollips, unless they have the propensity of becoming maligilent. Thank you all very much for your time and input. It is very much appreciated.

Please go to and read about his studies and testing. My daughter most definitely cannot have casien or gluten and she did not test positive for these in skin or blood testing! He will send you the right testing kits and refer with your doctor on treatments if the test comes back positive for opiods. He also has written a book on biological treatments for autism. We have used them and I am happy to say that there are few traces left of autism in my 6 year old who at one point was unable to talk or communicate at all. It depends on how long a child has had these substances in their system as to the recovery time. The white stools are definitely an indicator of a gluten problem that can cause a "leaky gut".
Also the ANDI association puts out some real good info. on food allergies or sensitivites in autistic children. You can find them at Lisa Lewis' book Special Diets for Special Kids is an excellent resource for beginners at this diet. Dietary intervention is the least invasive approach ever suggested to us and it was a miracle for our daughter.

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