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Posted by carol burgess on October 17, 2000 at 04:02:07:

In Reply to: This magazine is good and bad. posted by Angie (UK) on July 30, 2000 at 16:51:22:

we think the Autism File magazine is brilliant and we don't know what we would have done without it. The Tommeys have been so generous in sharing their knowledge with us all - we all know the difficulties parenting a child with autism yet they still find the time to share their experiences with us. We have started on a recovery programme for our son, which kicked off with secretin infusions which had a dramatic affect on Connor's behaviour. Then we began to question why that was working and helped with information from the Autism File we began the tests for yeast, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, parasites - we have found he had the lot wrong with him - insufficient enzymes to break down his food, gluten and casein intolerant, candida, etc. Without the Tommey's magazine to point us in the right direction to seek out the information for ourselves, we would not be where we are now - a child with autism who actually joined in a children's party game last weekend at a holiday village - somewhere he had not been before - yet he managed to follow the rules, listened to what was expected of him, joined in with the actions of cowboys and indians without pushing any other child over/biting/hitting/screaming, and he won a prize! No one knew he was autistic. This could not have been possible a year ago. When we embarked on this programme, we had no doctors to whom we could ask for help, but we knew we did not want our child to remain on drugs such as the ones prescribed for his ADHD. For the first time in our lives with Connor, we are working towards a common goal - to correct his imbalances and improve on his wellbeing of blood/brain barrier. We cannot praise the Autism File enough, and we feel that we could all do without criticism such as this reply because it could prevent others from seeking one of the corrective routes available to families with autistic children. The special supplement in the second issue by Willis Langford must surely be the bible for all those seeking to correct autism in their children - it's called "A comprehensive guide to managing Autism" and is so informative that you can only digest and act on one paragraph at a time. For the Tommey's to have shared this expert knowledge with us is beyond thanks, we are deeply in debt to them. We urge all of you, to work together and share experiences as parents to other parents because together we will get there - if we wait for scientific trials our children will be too old and the chance of correcting their internal status will be gone - too late. So come on, let's stop criticising and let's get on with the job of helping our children, all of them.

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