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Posted by This is scarey but not surprising-Grandma Peg on October 17, 2000 at 13:02:27:

In Reply to: Re: Hysterical laughing, sleeplessness, other problems which GFCF diet didn't seem to help...Tumour in hypothalamus?? posted by Margaret on October 14, 2000 at 18:03:38:

: : I've been re-reading the Feingold Diet pages and have found that the food additives this diet is mostly concerned with and the phenols and salicylate foods can often be the cause of such problems as the hysterical or uncontrolled-inappropriate laughing, sleeplessness, other hyper-activities as seen in ADHD or Autistic kids. On the GFCF diet, this is considered part of the diet or a 'refinement' of the diet. On their front page, they have a links selection which leads to another slection , under allergies. Scroll down until you reach the Feingold's Organization. For some reason, this is a different connection than just the regular website of Feingold's and it as more info. I've tried going thru' the partcuar I.D. url f that page and it didn't connect. But for the regular Feingold page, use Many of the odd symptoms asked about such as the laughing were suggested as being a result of reaction to the phenols-salicylates of foods. Some people on the gfcf diet haven't gone into this area yet or extensively and may still have some problems they thought the diet would eliminate or subdue. It wont hurt to read the info if your child isn't even on the gfcf diet... you may find help for a peculiar problem by their diet. Grandma Peg

: An aquaintances son has been diagnosed with a benign tumour in his hypothalamus,
: the neurologist says this explains the hysterical laughing, sleeplessness
: and behavour problems he has!
: My opinion this child is Autistic H/F
: He was diagnosed as having focal epilepsy in the left temporal lobe (post MMR pre school
: booster vaccine)
: The tumour has, for the last three years, been called a wart ....-until the latest MRI scan.
: Question is have you - or anyone else heard of this problem in the hypothalamus ?
: Best wishes,
: margaret.

Comment; This suggests other problems that may yet have been caused by vaccine reactions, IMO. I've 'heard of' other kds with tumors in the pancrease and a rise in brain tumor incidents and in the areas usually most affected by vaccine reactions. Shaw's book refers to such damage in his book, bio. Treatments, etc. Grandma Peg

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