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Posted by lynda on October 17, 2000 at 22:36:34:

Dear sc's mom,

My 5 yo autistic son does the SAME thing with the VCR.
He will rewind something over and over and over again.
Needless to say, his TV time is very limited.
I live in PA and do not know what GA has as far as programs go, but check to see if there is a program to get your son an aide or therapeutic staff support and supports for the family, like a mobile therapist. In PA this is called wrap around and my son has a therapist with him all day plus his other special ed. people. Support groups help too. For ex. in PA I belong to Parent to Parent of PA and they have just been wonderful. Sometimes though with all the support you can get, you feel like checking in. I know, many times things get tough. I have a 2 yo, a 3yo, a 6 yo and a 5 yo autistic son plus a baby on the way. (My autistic son and 2yo are not potty trained and I have had my share of accidents and messes on the floor).There are people in and out of my house from 8:30AM to almost 4:00PM. I would suggest you have your 2 yo tested as soon as possible. Also, keep in mind autism affects the the whole family. I have had some tough times with my typical children(all girls) and expect to in the future. My marriage is a complete disaster. My parents never want to take their grandson because they are affraid. You begin to feel so isolated and alone with autism that at times I do feel as if I lose touch with everything else and basically, I am dealing with it on my own. So, take some time out for yourself too. I thought I could keep going without any breaks and I discovered you can not. So, I try to make some time for myself once a week. I go to Wed. service or go shopping. And if some days your house is a total wreck (mine gets that way sometimes too) so what. It will be there tomarrow when your kids need you today.
It is real hard though to reach that balance. I struggle all the time. Especially when people are in and out of my house all day. Well, I hope I have helped some. Remember you are not alone. What you descibed sounds like some days here at our house.
Hang in there and try take one day at a time.
Best wishes,

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