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Posted by Liz R on October 18, 2000 at 10:39:02:

In Reply to: I'm at the end of my rope, please somebody help...... posted by s c's mom on October 17, 2000 at 15:34:57:

You're 2 year old might be just fine so hang in there. My older son did a lot of the same things at two. He would demand to have a certain color of cup and he could have no disruptions to his schedule without throwing a knock down drag out tantrum. He had a lot of fears as well.
It sounds like he has receptive language. Is he losing language that he had before? Is he playing inappropriately with toys (lining them up or looking at them out of the corner of his eye)? Does he have any repetitive body movements.
After a rocky terrible two's, my oldest son is fine. He is doing well in school and is very social. Things that bothered him when he was little - tags in his clothing and being in water at bathtime don't bother him as much anymore. I think being in church preschool groups helped him to socialize with other people.
If you are worried, you could have him evaluated. Most area education agencies have early intervention programs. This might help him get therapy. Also, if he is demanding chocolate milk a lot, you probably know about the GFCF diet and may want to have his urine tested for elevated gluten and casein peptides.
The video thing can be frustrating Right now my little one wants to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown video all the time. He woke up demanding this tape. I put my foot down and he threw a huge tantrum. He does have autism and I wonder sometimes how I will handle these outbursts when he is older. He is three right now.
I was able to lose weight through weight watchers. This might be a way to get out of the house and do something for yourself. If you don't feel like doing that, maybe your husband could watch the kids once a week for a couple of hours so you can get out of the house. Or maybe a friend could watch them so you and your husband can get out together.

Take care and God bless,

Liz R.

: I have a son with autism who is 6. He's a noisemaker. He's a video talker, he rewinds the VCR every 2 minutes and watches the same thing over and over and over. I've got a 2 year old who is "typically 2" some say, I say Bullshit! He's become afraid of things all of a sudden, roads, bugs, carpet, elevators....he was so perfect and now...boom, he won't entertain himself, he cries because I didn't get the right color cup for him, he wanted choc. milk and I fixed him tea, he wanted peanut butter and I gave him ham sandwich, he asks for something, I get it, he throws it, he cries, I can't take it!!! I'm living with autism and I don't particularly care for it, but my goodness, this is horrible. He's been doing the oppositional stuff now for about 16 months, the fears just appeared, what do I do? I don't have the nerves for this!!!!!!!!!! I can't raise 2 sons that are so demanding. I've got a husband and 2 stepdaughters and they are losing me. I don't know what else to do. I cry when they have wrecked me so bad and they don't even think anything of it. I need help. I don't have insurance now, (my husband has just started a new job, we won't have insurance in place for a few more months,) I am at the end of my rope, I find myself yelling, crying, I've gained weight, I feel helpless . I love to have a clean house, I can't even get that done, they wreck it in 5 minutes flat. The baby touches everything, vaccuum cleaner bags torn off the vaccuum, food ripped out of packages, poop and pee on the floor, both will poop in their pants, my son with autism is doing so much better and wam!!!! along comes the 2 year saying, "oh, no, you're not done with cleaning crap off this floor mama!! I'll show you"!!! Where do I turn? I'm losing myself, my marriage, my kids and my sanity. I am seriously considering admitting myself into a psychiatric ward somewhere just to get a break, please someone, tell me who can help me!! I live in central GA area and am at my wits end. Nervous Breakdown here I come!!!!

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