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Posted by Dad on October 18, 2000 at 16:14:10:

In Reply to: CHILDREN CLAIMING CHILD ABUSE posted by Roxanne Cain on October 18, 2000 at 13:30:46:

Teens live in a troubled age. Not yet the adults they wish to be, too old for childhood pleasures, there bodies changing and filled with hormones. If they should file false reports, they are in for a rude awakening.. The system which should protect them is not a very friendly one, despite the well meaning of many of the participants.. Teens who play this trump card in an immature attempt to bully their parents in to relenting and giving them what they want will find out the hard way what a mistake they made.

No comfort for the adults who must suffer through the turmoil of clearing their name and regaining their lives, for sure. No good answer at all to this growing problem.

The real shame is every case of false report that goes through chipd away at the integrity of the whole process, and down the road the pendulum will swing back the other way. Then children who are truly in abusive situations will not have their protection.

I have seen cases like this in my area. Not just against families either. The day care center my oldest daughter was at when she was young had 6 people accused of sexual assaults by a pair of kids who were just plain bad kids. They saw one of those made for television movies, and came up with the plan while serving one of their many time outs. (When this happened, my child had already "graduated" to school)

the 6 people, 5 caregivers and the janitor were all fired, and did not get their jons back even after they'd been exonerated. Three of the women were teachers waiting for openings; their careers were shot, and now none of them works with children at all. The center itself, a very well respected daycare for over 40 years was closed because of the bed press, so it is gone too.these kids are in between my older kids and younger kids in the same schools, and they are still bad kids, always in trouble. I blame their mother, because she makes alot of very bad choices in life, uses drugs, drinks, string of loser boyfriends, etc.

Why doesn't CPS take these children out of this home, but will take them out of another on the basis of 1 anonymous phone call? No good answer for that one either.

Especially hard for parents like us, as the extraordinary needs of our children are not properly understood by the people making the decisions at CPS or the family law systems. .It is not uncommon for typical behaviors to force interventions that are more disruptive to families than not when dealing with LD children. You'd think it would be more feasible to offer support mechanisms to retain families than to break them up. I guess the zealots at CPS have to do something to justify their paychecks.

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