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Posted by Liz R on October 19, 2000 at 10:55:53:

In Reply to: Help provide me with specifics regarding Thimerasol, Please posted by Wyatt's Dad on October 19, 2000 at 07:57:10:

I found a really good link from the Doug Flutie web site to a page that was full of information about the similarities between mercury poisoning and autism. It is really interesting that mercury affects more males than females at low levels. This might explain why more boys are affected than girls. I get very upset when I think about how my son's MRI shows a normal brain, his genetic test shows no fragile x yet he is functioning far below his age level.
The answer seems so obvious. First autism shows up in wealthy communities in the thirties. It starts to increase in the 70's when more vaccines are added. After hepatitis B is added in the nineties, the numbers go up again. The Wakefield study on MMR and autism was discounted because of flaws in the way the study was conducted. Where is a large scale independent study being conducted in the US?
My nephew has terrible exczema. You would think this would be a red flag for immune problems and they would be careful about immunizing him. They don't give it a second thought. Every time he goes in, he gets a new shot.
Frankly, in time the answer will come out and I think that the CDC and NIH know what is going on. I think they are afraid that people will stop immunizing and that our children are considered acceptable risks. Look at all the changes lately. No more DPT - it is now DTAP. No more live polio - it is now the Salk version.
Thimerosal is being removed from vaccines. The answer is out there and it is obvious, but the prospect of large scale law suits and the fact that many people will stop immunizing their kids is keeping it from coming out.
Sometimes I think that we need a million man march for autism. We need to let the country know what is going on so other parents and children are protected. I just blindly accepted that my son needed these shots and did not educate myself about the dangers.
Sorry this was so long.


Liz R

: Having recently joined the Autistic community with a 2 1/2 year old boy I have found very little information in going after those that may have contributed to my Sons condition. Is there any place to research that could provide me with specifics regarding Thimerasol, the amount considered dangerous ,ect. Also, I find it hard to believe that someone out there has not attempted to pursue legal action against those responsible. (Tobacco finally failed)! While I am concentrating on taking care of my Son and giving him and my Wife full support with all that's happening, I feel someone must do something to get the word out or protect those that are to come into Autism in the future. We never were given the option of a "Safe Shot". In final, I find it hard to believe that the EPA, Medical & Insurance Communities feel that Mercury is not a consideration in this instance. If anyone would care to reply - my wife and I would be blessed with your assistance

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