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Posted by Chuck Spangenberger on October 21, 2000 at 00:09:48:

In Reply to: Re: asbergers posted by Kevin Brewer on August 18, 2000 at 23:12:32:

: My daughter was diagnosed with asberger's about a year ago when she was 13. She was put on respridal but it had a serious depressive effect on her and she went off it and that was a relief. It is not much fun talking to someone as responsive as warm lettuce. My reading suggests there is not much to be done about asberger's except hope they grow out of it. It seems to get mixed with teenage hormones, and the teens are a bad time for all concerned anyway. Imust admit however I have been in denial about whether my daughter had asberger's, and the fact she lives with her mother helps that denial. She is also off school, simply won't go and nothing can induce her to anyway. That is the hardest thing for me because I had an education in a poor country school which I have compensated for by getting my master's degree, so I know the value of education and cannot get through to her what she is missing out on. She does read a lot, and until recently was obsessed with Buffy on television. However she is still reading and over Buffy. What is her next obsession we have yet to discover.

: All I can say is what a friend said when his wife had a nervous breakdown, be thankful for the label because it helps you understand and cope.

To whome it may consern,

I'm a 22 year old, living in Houston Tx. and I was diagnosed with asberger when I was about eight. During a conversation with my Mother last month, I had found out that I was diagnosed and remember hearing the name from my younger days but didn't have much recall. Right now I'm trying to educate myself, as I have so many times before, about the disorder and that's how I have come across this website, I coulden't help but feel just a little moved with the previous message from DeAnna from Georgia and hope she may come across this followup.

I can only speak for myself considering that I do know it's a broad disorder, I do feel luck for I do beleive I'm on the "not so bad" end of the mesurment spectrum. However I have for so many years and still do contain the symptoms of Asbergers and can say that there is hope for anyone no matter how far down the sprial there life seems to be going. I can say that for a fact because the habits I would have steming, ( the energetic action asbergers have of unleasing enegry through some kind of physical action ) and my emoutions going all over the place it seems, and I don't think that's somthing that goes away, and just knowing the way I was feeling about many different things, everything from the subject of school to relationships, to my opinion of the image I would see in the mirror everyday. I always knew there was not somthing right with me, I always knew I was out of place from the mainstream of soceity, and I also knew that although with good conduct in school and struggling grades, that I wasen't at all stupid, or should I say, my intelligence placed at a lower level. They were times when I would shoot to the head of the class, and times where I couldn't get it, and then the material would intemidate me. It was furstrating for many years, I did finish High school and never failed a gradelevel, although I did have a few close calls, but when I got out of High school, I knew I was not ready for collage and still have not gone.

I have come to learn that Asbergers are hard people to teach because on trate about them that is knowen is that there self educators. They have interests, that sometimes turn into obsessions, and learn all about the subject matter, all the way to the collage level sometimes. I personaly had flings with sharks, lights - 'I owned a traffic light when I was a kid years ago, man I miss that thing! ' Lighthouses, Astronamy - including the history of the manned space program, the Olympics, and the big one, Music.

One common trait with Asberger's, as so with me, is they have a tendency to rock back and forth, that's part of the "Steming" mentioned eariler, when I was about two or three years old, my father snook up behind me and put a set of earphones on my head with music playing. He tells me about it today, how my eyes got real wide and how enchanted I became with music. Well, rythim and me went hand and hand for the rocking motions I have grown up doing and the rythim of the music had me grow up understanding it. Years later in 1992, when I was a freshman in highschool, I heard the drumline of the marching band playing there candance on there way to the pep-relly, I can remember to this day the sound going into my ears and right into my mind and heart, and I didn't know how I was going to be able to afford it, or learn how, but I knew I had to get me a set of drums and play'em. Less then a half year later, I got a set, and pounded away. My mother thought I was nuts, and so did my siblings, but that out let of rythim and enegry and the ability I had to learn as fast as I did, well, I do beleive I was givin Asberger for a reason by the Almighty, now I play for my church, been in three bands since since, and during high school, and have played with Christian artist, "Jamie Cortez" and the largest gig I ever had was during the Stubenville south retreat in Louisanna in front of four thousand people, with my church music group, the Life-Teen band from St. Cyril of Alx. hear in Houston. I play there every Sunday and thank God for my gift and talent, not to mention where He has lead me in life. So you see, there is reason to look up to God for times when you go through thinking your child may be adnormal, in this case, Asbergers, and in my case, a disorder that has really worked out for the best. For I don't know where I would be in life if it wasen't my desire to play the drums at church, go back and forth to different groups and meet all different kinds of people. For I also understand Asbergers tend to be anti social, and I was that for a long time, from two years old all the way up till my junior year in high school when I started getting involved.

So easily, Asbergers could have made my life a dead end, I know everybody with the disorder has not has the same outcome as I have, but there were harsh times in my life just the same, Incase you can't find my e-mail address it's [email protected] and if you have any questions regurding my statment I have made on your message board, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.
Thanx. The Chuckster

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