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Posted by Liz R on October 22, 2000 at 19:18:02:

In Reply to: how do we vaccinate posted by Ellen on October 22, 2000 at 10:52:42:

Do you really feel that the hep b vaccination is necessary? I personally did not feel that my children needed this one at such an early age, but they got it anyway. I don't know if your daughter has had MMR yet, but I would read up on this one if you haven't already. I asked my doctor's office about the thimoerosal at my older son's 5 year well exam. I was told that the vaccines still had this in them. I had him immunized anyway because he made it through his round at 15 months with no side effects.
A good place to go is the VAERS website. They have a lot of current information about the adverse events associated with vaccines. Some of the stories that they have on this page are quite frightening and may cause you to be more confused, but at least you are getting the other side of the story.


Liz R

: Help! where do I go for complete information on the risks of vaccinations and how to do it safely. I just read an article that suggests the vaccinations themselves are not hazardous, but that some companies are adding thermosol, a preservative to the vaccinations, which causes murcury poisoning and that the effects mirror autism. I have a 13 month old child who has had only two rounds of the vaccinations. My only solution to all the confusing information was to spread out the vaccinations hopping that she could handle it. I din't know about asking the doctor to break them up... I am scared to death with this, and still feel like I have no option but to vaccinate. Where is the best information for me to read so I can decide how to proceed?

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