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Posted by Better get the knife and fork ready kid-Grandma Peg on September 02, 2000 at 10:21:53:

In Reply to: "Grandma Peg" posted by Vanessa Cowell-Plain on August 31, 2000 at 16:32:27:

: "Grandma Peg"
: I am the mother of Emma, aged ten, autistic. I saw Drummond's messages unfold here and as far as I can see he isn't asking for anything in return for sending copies of his article. I e-mailed him today and I got a very nice reply from Peter saying my copy of his article is on the way to the local school and I wasn't asked to pay a dime. Why are you so often hostile? You seem to have your favourite health care people who you tout but when someone comes along who doesn't agree with your opinions you get straight on the defensive. I read most of your messages before writing and I notice you display many autistic type patterns in your sentences, perhaps too many to be coincidental? Are you actually a "Grandmap" Or are you autistic? If you are autistic you aren't really in a good position to offer advice to parents, because in my experience many autistic adults want to remain autistic. From what I see on the net, many lonely autistic adults seek out, or even set up, forums just like this one and then kind of take control and try to run the show. Your speech is typically autistic both in the types of spelling errors you make, and in your syntax. In the e-mail I received Drummond's credentials were made clear enough to me, I am satisfied with what I saw and I am anxiously waiting to receive his article.

: Grandma Peg said this: There's always lots of those kind willing to take your money, which we can ill afford to lose, as well as unscrupulous rivals starting rumors. So give me proof one way or the other<<

: Grandma Peg said this: Now some folks are casting dispersions on never stops...beware if you're a good health care provider, someone will start rumors...I requested proof, got none so far<<<

: I think Grandma Peg meant to say aspersions, not dispersions, a typical aspie error. So what it it Grandma, should good health providers beware? Are they all unscrupulous until you personally approve them? Are you going to give us proof of who you are? Quit trying to run the show, it's a dead giveaway, you talk just like an aspie.

: I strongly suspect you to be autistic, not that it matters to me if you are, but what matters is that you don't drive away people who come here to offer us help and ask for nothing in return. You are an autistic adult, aren't you? This is your life line to the outside world. Fine, good luck, but you don't speak on behalf of all parents! You don't speak on behalf of me! Even if it turns out that you own this board, your views are too inflexible and aggressive, your errors are too aspergery, your manners are too unsociable for you to speak for me. Get off your high horse "grandma Peg" even if you own this board you don't speak for everyone. Vanessa (I notice you have a penchant for wanting everyone's IDs, if you insist I'll give you the number of my Canadian passport, but in exchange I'm going to want yours. We could always scan copies of our passports, then we would really know who we're dealing with. You have Aspergers Grandma Peg, or I'll eat my sunday hat! Vanessa

REPLY; As far as I know, I don't have any more of the autistic traits than any other relative of the ASD-NIDs kids do. I explained my spelling errors in an answer above. As for my incorrect use of syntax and using the wrong adjectives, I can only ask you to bear through it, I'm not an English major and often have no idea when another word might better describe the meaning, I usually go for the common use word, correct or not. I also think you've read hostility into statements that weren't meant to be hostile and which didn't sound hostile to me. It's not out of line to ask for more details of what is being offered before you request a 'copy', free or not. It's really not too wise to give out or receive personal info on a broad spectrum such as the internet, is it?? If I don't pose questions or replies in the fashion you'd like, as implied above, perhaps you should examine your attitude also, it always helps when I am called to re-examine mine. Can't say I promise to be different in the future...but let me reiterate...(there's a nickel phrase for all)... I didn't mean hostility in any one of those comments you quoted. I Did mean to try to get more info on what was-is- being offered before I would get so personally involved with a stranger, which is a greater risk on a worldwide system, as you know. Personally, I don't care for the attitude of people who seem to want to sugar coat so much, this doesn't sound gentle or genteel to me, it sounds irresponsible. I'm not an English major, only had 1 year of college and often, I have to write in a hurry as this is, as said in the other reply, a webtv set-up and Gramps often wants the TV before I can take time to re-read posts before submitting. Assressing poor spelling, I type faster than this set up responds so some letters are always missing. My eyesight is poor, sometimes the fuzz in my eyes wont clear up enough to allow me to see words clearly. This is due to another immune dysfunction disorder which is really no one elses business. Lastly, I don't really need to defend or explain the reason why I ask for credentials or verification of some one offering something on a board, the multiple reasons should be clear enough to an adult. I do the best I can with syntax as I think we all do, I do strive to make my thoughts clear, not hostile. I don't own this board, if I did, I'd hire someone else to write or correct the errors before they're posted. This isn't a matter of which caregivers or therapies are My personal favorites, it's a matter of self-protection and possibly will help provide some answers or cautionary thoughts for others as well. As you implied, this board is big enough for many 'kinds' of posters. How one interprets what's written is the problem of the reader, which includes me. I suppose I'm not too old to use 'good English and writing lessons' but I didn't ask for them... even if my words seem to begger the need for that. Thanks for your interest.Grandma Peg

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