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Posted by What is it with CPS agenciesf?-Grandma Peg on November 01, 2000 at 22:13:49:

In Reply to: abuse follow-up posted by Sandy on November 01, 2000 at 17:43:04:

: Found out today that parents of the other 3 boys in the house filed charges recently concerning their children against the same person accused of abuse against my son. Also found out that a child removed by a parent last fall, did so for similar reason (will know more specifics next week. CPS have had the case since last Thurs. and haven't even called me. They had a report last June for my son and never investigated it. The more I find out the worse it gets.

Comment; FEATnews recently had an article about a CPS removing some 70 kids from their parents because the parents refused to get more immunizations. Yet, they will send kids back to parents who they or live-ins, murder them. Where are the good CPS agencies? It seems as if they are either communistic nazi our governments owns your kids types or we just want these kids out of our hair so send them back to an abusive situation. I have heard that many agencies complain of lack of workers so kids slide into 'the cracks' but I don't want an enemy who thinks they're gods and bust into the homes of already scared parents then forceablytake the kids and forceably vaccinate whether the parents want that or not. Sorry for the soap box but sounds as if your CPS is more than a little over laoded or neglectful also. There are laws being passed that everyone who applies for a job in a place caring for 'helpless' type people have a complete background check. I don't recalll if that's a federal law or a state by state but you might check your state if you haven't already. Grandma Peg

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