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Posted by Liza in London on November 03, 2000 at 15:12:07:

Hi everyone,
I have been reading this message board for the last couple of weeks and have found the information on here
absolutely amazing!! So I thought I would share my story and see if you have any tips of where I should go
from here.
I've got a little boy who is now 3 and has just recently been diagnosed with austism. He has been under
our Hospital since he was 18months old as we felt from that age that something wasn't quite right.
From the moment my little one was born he had a urine infection and was put on anitbiotics for the
first 12 weeks of his life. He had various tests to see why the infection was there, Isatope scan,
ultrasound and they checked that he did not have a reflux action from his bladder to his kidneys. All
tests came back with an all clear and he stopped the antibiotics. He was prone to viral induced wheazing when he caught his first winter cold - just like his older sister
[his older sister was on inhalers from 6mnth-3yrs] so we switched him onto soya milk - that I believe
stopped him from having to have inhalers. He had measles @ 9 months and he has have other viral
infections like gastro and ear infections.
In the last 18 months since he has been under the team at the hospital he has made remarkable progress
and we have gone from a child who wld tantrum 8-10 times a day to now maybe 3 a month. We had to go right
back to basics as he wasnt even at the pointing stage at 18 months. At 3 he is at the babbling stage and
he can say 1-20, can recognise most of the alphabet, and about 20 words, not pronounced acurately-but
well enough that we understand. His eye contact is great now and he is extremely affectionate and loves
to be hugged and squeezed. He had grommits 2 months ago as he has glue ear in both ears.
He has delayed speech, inappropriate behaviour, obsessiveness, problems with eating, very short attention
span, social skills a bit hit and miss, no sense of danger, hates changes to routine, and he has been
described as being destructively curious.
His main problem areas are his eating habbits where he seems to have adopted, by his own choice,
to only eat either a carbohydrate or a protien at each meal. He wont eat any "real meat" only processed
we have even tried to make our own burgers - put them in the freezer - let him see us take them out
of the freezer - but he knew the difference and wldnt eat them, no wet food, he wont eat anything
red ?? like strawberry or tomatoe, no sauces what so ever. He eats his cereal dry except porrage. He will
eat some fruit - bananas, sultanas, grapes and apples, but these we have to rotate weekly.
He is a visual learner and he loves Sesame street - he stands next to the tv, pointing and says the
numbers or the letters as the pictures come up. He adores puzzles and he can do a 35 piece no
problem. We play lots of counting games and he watches the microwave and repeats the numbers when
they count down from 20. We have just started to toilet train him and I'll keep you posted how it goes. He
does understand the word toilet and always goes before his bath in the evening. And he is the original
Andrex Puppy!!!
I think one of our other main problems is how to explain things to our little girl who is 5 as he often gets
very heavy handed when he tries to iniate play and she's either tired or doing her own thing. He has
actually pulled out a clump of her hair trying to get her to play with him! even with me trying to prise his
fingers off her hair.

Sorry about going on like this!!! .... this must be one of the longest introductions !!
Anyway, thankyou for taking the time to read this and I'll be checking back whenever I can.

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