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Posted by Dad on November 04, 2000 at 12:00:20:

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This was published in UK, but I didn't see it in our papers, despite the fact that Singh works at Utah, and the conference was held in VA. You don't suppose the vacccine police at the CDC had a hand in it's poor publication here do you?

Sunday Herald
Scientists Told MMR Vaccine Can Cause Autism
by Sarah-Kate Templeton
September 2000

Laboratory experiments have shown for the first time that the mumps,
measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine can cause autism, experts gathered at
an international conference were told this weekend.
Professor Vijendra Singh of Utah State University, speaking at the
International Public Conference Conference on Vaccination, being held in
Virginia, said he has scientific evidence that the controversial jab
triggers an immune reaction which damages a protein in the brain causing
autism. Singh first suggested two years ago that exposure to the measles
virus could trigger a response in some children which interferes with
the development of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves in the
brain. If the myelin does not develop properly, nerve fibres do not work
as they should and this could explain brain abnormalities associated
with autism.
But now the leading US researcher has carried out laboratory experiments
which he believes show that the MMR vaccine triggers an autoimmune
reaction in autistic children causing antibodies in the blood to attack
the brain. He argues that autism is caused by auto-immunity-an abnormal
reaction in which the immune system becomes primed to react against body
organs - to part of the brain.
He said: "This study provides the first ever laboratory-based evidence
for a causal relationship between MMR and autism. As I made a scientific
presentation of my initial findings, a vaccine-autism connection became
even more apparent. The rapidly accumulating evidence strongly
implicates auto-immunity in autism, which in many may result from a
vaccine injury."
Singh analysed blood samples from 140 youngsters, 89 of whom suffered
from autism, and found antibodies associated with the MMR vaccine in 53%
of the autistic children. These antibodies were not found in the blood
of any of the control group.
Singh insists his findings, which have been submitted to The Lancet
medical journal, are solid evidence of the link between the vaccine and
the increase in autism in children.
Dr. Scott Montgomery of Karlinska Hospital in Stockholm, who also spoke
at the conference, said the research highlighted the need for a larger
study."There have been no studies so far that have shown the absolute
safety or absolute risk," said Montgomery. "I think the most sensible
thing now is that there has to be an epidemiological study comparing a
large group which has been exposed to the MMR vaccine and another which
has not."
More than 90% of Scots children are immunised with the MMR vaccine.
However, growing fear that the jab is linked to autism has prompted some
Scottish families to pay a private GP to inoculate their children with
separate jabs shipped from France. Dr. Peter Copp, from Edinburgh, has
imported 200 sets of the three vaccines and is inoculating up to 75
children a day. He is now placing his second order.
Parents' reaction has prompted the government to issue reassurances as
to the safety of the vaccine. Last month, Sir David Carter, outgoing
chief medical officer, warned that the failure of parents to have their
children inoculated could cause epidemics of measles, mumps and rubella.
Last night, David Thrower, who believes his son's autism is a result of
receiving the triple vaccine, welcomed Singh's study. He said: "These
scientists are not doing this recause they don't like vaccines, they are
doing this because their scientific research is leading them in this
direction. This has got to be an extremely important finding. The
scientific community has to respond positively."

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