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Posted by Kathleen Larkin on November 08, 2000 at 15:59:14:

Dear Montel,
I have just turned 22 years old, and I have recently began to think a lot more about my birth mother.
She never left any information about my birth father, nor does he even know he has a daughter--me. For
my entire life I have been appreciative and very lucky to have such a loving family as my adoptive family;
my older sister is also adopted which has borught us closer together. Ever since the day I was brought
home with my adoptive family, my parents told me how I became a part of their family. Curiosity has
forever been a part of my daily routine. I planned to wait until after I graduated high school--but going to
college at the same time would have been too emotionally draining. So now I am finishing college, and I
have recently gotten engaged. I am moving from New Jersey to Florida where my fiance is from in the
near future; but I was born in Trenton. I have very little information about my birth mother, yet I feel as if
she may still be in New Jersey.
It would mean the world to me if you could help me, Montel. I cry almost every night and dream about
the day my birth mother and I may be reunited, and her calling me by my birth name "Michele". I see all
the shows you do on reunions, and I am filled with tears of elation and envy, sometimes jealousy and pain.
Never have I felt as if I was abandoned; yet I do feel that there is a void in my life, rather a piece of the puzzle
missing. I always had to do family trees throughout all my years of schooling, and I was jealous on the inside
at the other kids. I could only explore my parents' families, much of whom I never met. Sure it was interesting,
yet it never quite fulfilled that empty feeling inside.
Enough of my babbling. Montel, there is nothing more in the world that I want right now than to meet my
birth mother; I am sure that finding my natural father would be virtually impossible. From her description
in my adoption papers, I have been told that while growing up, I was apparently a clone of my natural
mother. Please help me; it would make my world.
Sincerely Yours,
Kathleen Michele Larkin

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