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Posted by Get Dr. Bradstreet at-Grandma Peg on November 08, 2000 at 17:50:29:

In Reply to: I am not an Autism doctor, I'm a Pedeatric Gastroenterologist. posted by Frustrated on November 08, 2000 at 09:50:14:

: This is what the doctor said to me when I told him that my son appeared to be in a lot of pain and has too much gas and eating issues. I told him that he screams and begs "no" at the sight of food, that he cries intensely shortly after eating, that his stomach sounds like a boiling pot. I tried to explain that many Autistic children have problems with their gut and that I would like to run tests to find out what is bothering my 4 year old who can not talk. The doctor was only interested in perscribing emimas and laxatives, no tests as they would be invasive.

: Where in Florida can I find a doctor(GI) who is not hostage to HMO guidlines, a doctor who does not practice from a healthcare cookbook, one who will think for himself and do what is in my son's best interest?

: The recepe for autism does not exist in the healthcare cookbook.

: Thank you.

REPLY; Look at the site of Dr Jeff Bradstreet, he is in Fla., has a clinic, treats Many 'autsitickids'. I believe he's in Palm Bay but his site tells the phone, address, e-mail, etc. Also, a list of DAN Dr;s is available at or from the Home page. DAN ; acronym for Defeat Autsim Now. They have a state by state list of Dr's or health care providrs who have promised to follow a DAN protocol and treat 'autistic type' kids. Many have put their kids on the gluten caseinfree diet to help teat fastro-intestinal problems. BTW, the gnd site has a lng presentation with some medical texts in it too but read on thru', it will help. The gfcf site, from the front page, also has this doc's site plus others. They also have many in their 'linksl bar. Getthe info quick, The problem has been heard of, is familiar to most of us and the doc's who treat. Also be aware that some of the listed caregivers may only be interested in secretin infusions so you may have to shop the list but Bradstreeet is the best. Grandma Peg

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