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Posted by Margaret on November 08, 2000 at 18:11:50:

In Reply to: I am not an Autism doctor, I'm a Pedeatric Gastroenterologist. posted by Frustrated on November 08, 2000 at 09:50:14:

: This is what the doctor said to me when I told him that my son appeared to be in a lot of pain and has too much gas and eating issues. I told him that he screams and begs "no" at the sight of food, that he cries intensely shortly after eating, that his stomach sounds like a boiling pot. I tried to explain that many Autistic children have problems with their gut and that I would like to run tests to find out what is bothering my 4 year old who can not talk. The doctor was only interested in perscribing emimas and laxatives, no tests as they would be invasive.

: Where in Florida can I find a doctor(GI) who is not hostage to HMO guidlines, a doctor who does not practice from a healthcare cookbook, one who will think for himself and do what is in my son's best interest?

: The recepe for autism does not exist in the healthcare cookbook.

: Thank you.

You've got to try to -at least-to make this gastroenterologist understand that Many ASD children do have
do have potentially serious Gastroentestinal problems.(Chrohn's/collitis/leaky gut)
An X-Ray of your son's abdomen might reveal an t an intestinal blockage. which
should be investigated A.S.A.P.
Perhaps you should copy info and give it to the gastro. involved in your child's care ,
also do make a note of the info given to him/her on your childs medical records.
click on "research"
Then click on "Andrew Wakefield/frcs
Copy and print this info, give it to the gastro in front of a witness (take someone with you), if he/she ignores the
problem then you will more than likely have a case for medical negligence
Apparently, as you say, your gastro is prescribing Enemas/laxatives (which might already have rid your child
the common "blockage seen in ASD children)
You are truly right in saying The recipie for autism does not exist -in the current/existing recipies
of the "healthcare" book, sadly it is the job of parents to try and educate the so-called
This is not an easy task. as the majority "Go with the flow" - "the Flat World Brigade" -Indeed!!
Best wishes,

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