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Posted by The 'Wealthy' who receive tax cuts--you mean like the Kennedy's or the Gore's? Or like the farmers and small businessess who also dealin mony sums that make them seem wealthy to the ordinary citizen. The 'wealthy' are on both sides of the major parties, inoffice, so if there are cuts to benefit, both or all, political partie get it. Or could you ean the drug cartelcountries whosebehinds or governemnt powerful kisses? - Grandma Peg on November 08, 2000 at 21:22:23:

In Reply to: One promise we know will be kept are the tax cuts for the wealthy. Money talks posted by Liz R on November 03, 2000 at 14:17:09:

: :
: : :
: : : Do we really have a choice
: : : or is it twiddle-dum vs twiddle-di?

: : REPLY; Anyone who makes promises in political speaches is always hard pressed to make them a realitiy, they forget that they have opponets in Congress to convince and that the act of attaching riders to bills is still in play. I thought a law had been passed to stop that but seems it's not so. So, if there's something attached, whether it pertains to that bill or not, it could get passed with the one the Pres. wanted. It's not even the 'party in power' who always 'runs things' as all the political parties are further influenced by the fact that some of the participants are liberals, moderates or conservatives and who may yet vote Their choices instead of what their constituency wants. I have likes and dislikes too so I look to the party whose platform declares the most important ones to me are also theirs. In the fall election for Pres., you can also split your ticket and vote for whomever you dern well please...if they are a declared still in the race person, which Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck ain't. But for gosh sakes, VOTE! Don't sit home and moan, before or after. As is a common saying, if you don't vote, you got no right to gripe. So Yes, in spite of all the political wrangling and similarities, GO VOTE anyway! Grandma Peg

Comment on titled remark. Election is almost over. Best to remember that both parties promise what they cannot deliver and that both parties take money from big corps. and both parties commit some things that are offensive to someone. Grandma Peg

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