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Posted by Kat on November 13, 2000 at 10:41:41:

Okay, I need to vent and am so confused.

I have a 5 year son that will be starting Kindergarten next year and I do not know what to do. He talks all the time (to much), can write his name, knows his basic colors and shapes, he can count to ten and okay comprenhension and good memory. Loves to play with other children. My son has proven that he can learn but takes him awhile before he truly understands but once he does get it, than it stays with him. I have him part time in a normal day care right now and the other half day he is in Early Child hood. I put him in a normal daycare to see how he would do with other (normal) kids. He does pretty good but sometimes gets to loud and has to be put in time out. He loves the class and the teacher (at Day Care) says he is ahead in some area but behind in other areas. The basics (colors, shapes, letters and numbers) he is ahead of everyone but behavior is not so good (staying in his seat and being to loud)sometimes.

I want to do what is best for my son but he does pick up other things from kids for example, at early childhood he was in the morning class and these kids were more severe (very little words, toe walking, hitting there heads sometimes) and my son was starting to imitate some of there bad behaviors so they moved him to the afternoon class with higher level kids. The afternoon kids are kids preparing for kindergarten and only have normal bad behavior (like saying you are a butt-head). He did soooooooooooo much better in this class and is meeting all his goals and actually can do some pre-kindergarten stuff.

So, now I have to make a decision for next year. Does he go to a Learning Disabled class or normal kindergarten. I want him in a normal kindergarten class, but I want him to continue learning and this would not be possible without a good aide. So, if he goes to a LD class I am afraid he might regress and pickup some bad behaviors (like hand flapping or hitting his head, making noises) and he would only be a role model for the other kids. I just want him to continue to learn and be the most he can be. I want a full time aide in a normal kindergarten class but at the IEP meeting last week they said he would not need a full time aide but maybe only an aide once in awhile. Well, I do know for a fact that he would have to have and aide in a normal class (20 to 25 kids) in order for him to stay focussed . He can stay focussed in Early Childhood because the class is only 6 kids but at Day Care there are 18 kids and he has trouble staying focussed. Part of the problem is because regular teachers do not know how to work with kids with Autism to learn. They said I could try him in normal kindergarten class and if does not work out than put him in an LD class. Well, I said why waste a half a year on this because I know for A FACT that my son cannot learn in a normal class without an aide and they disagree. Well, I have proven this by a normal day care. I hate my school system. If I get an attorney to fight for a full time aide than the other problem is that how do they find a good aide. My school district now (in Early Childhood) has aide's in the class and they are terrible. If we get an attorney to fight this (we will be financially broke) I need it to be worth my while.

Also, we were thinking of a private Baptist school and they said they would give Zachary a try but they have no experience with Autism and no service available to him (like speech or O.T.). They would allow my speech therapist to come in the classroom but I would have to pay for all of this. If we go this route, this will just about tap us out (financially) but we will do whatever is best.

Okay, than there is also the diet issue, my son is GF/CF and I will have to send his food and I need to school district to follow this.

We just do not know what to do and would love some advice. I wish there was some in between class with kids not so severe and a smaller (like 6 to 8 kids) than my son would do great but this is not an option. I do not know what to do.

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