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Posted by I still have the uiversity wrong-it's University of California, San Diego-UCSD-Grandma Peg on November 15, 2000 at 15:56:30:

In Reply to: Re: To Grendma Peg- RE: Creatine posted by The website about the Orlando Conference is still up-Grandma Peg on November 15, 2000 at 15:51:49:

: :
: : : Dear Peg,
: : : Thank you for replying to my message regarding Creatine- I found it only today
: : : My comments and questions:
: : : 1) I have not heard about the research that you wrote mentioned in U. of CA, San Diego (UCSD) and I couldn't find anything on the Web about it. If you know of any site please let me know. I also want to verify with you that you did not mix Creatine (the subject of my message) with Carnitine- the two are totally different substances:-)
: : : 2) In your reply you said "Dr. Ted Paige gave a lecture on creatine levels in autistic kids at a conference of autism topics in Orlando, Fla". I searched Medline for the name "Paige T" (that is the way one searches for authors on Medline). I found only 3 published research papers; none was related to neurological conditions or pediatrics and none was from UCSD. It is possible that you misspelled his name.
: : : 3) You also mentioned "fellow researcher, Dr. Arnie Millar" and I searched for Millar A. It is always of an advantage to know the second initial and in the case of Dr. Millar it is necessary since there are several Millar A+ a different second initial. However, I found one researcher with the name Millar A. (first initial only) from Berkley who published ONLY 2 studies so far and both were about drinking and driving.
: : : Of course I do not expect to find a study from either of these researchers about creatine but I wanted to read what they published anyway.
: : : Thank you for responding but I really do not know what to make of the info. If by any chance you have more information please let me know. If you noticed, the abstract that I posted did not come from the USA but from Italy and it also did not "claim" any cure; it was an interesting description of 2 cases.

: : : Sincerely,
: : : Lana

: : REPLY; I wasn't trying to discredit your posted report on the relationship of low creatine levels and autism, I was pointing out that these studies have been done in the USA also and additionally that they are being actively tested by using a therapy/substance. It's quite possible that the names are/were spelled incorectly. It is Theodore PAGE, PhD., and Millar may be spelled wrong. I received that message from an e-friend in England where the spelling of names may differ from the USA spellings. I will post the page annoucing the appearance of Dr. Page after this letter. I don't have middle names or initials for either one. The university is USCD of San Diego -(if I got that i.d. wrong previously, sorry), works in the Dep't. of Neurosciences at same U of Calif., San Diego. He has been published, don't know where or if it's in any so called 'peer-reviewed publications'. The low creatine level is related more to a rare metabolic disorder, characterized by dev. delays, seizures & muscle weakenss...responsive to uridine therapy. The rest is in the announcement of his appearance. Now, Theodore Page is listed as a PhD, he may be in research only, not in listings of MD's. As you know, PhD's are allowed to refer to themselves as 'dr.', it's the fault of the common use of 'dr.' for MD's that may conribute to confusion. The first info I had from my e-friend was that they had met these 2 reearchers while this friend had their child there for exams and eval's. The description of characterics of the metabloic disorder fit our grandson, so it was passed on to me. So, they probably will not be listed in a physicians list. I don't have anything else to coroborrate at this time. I'll now leave the board to find the announcement, if it's still available. Otherwise, I'll copy it off and post. Grandma Peg

: Comment; The confernce site info page on presenters can be found at I thought it was unnecessary to cut-n-paste since it's still up. It also has a home page and other info pages. The conference title is New Biological Directions, etc. There is also the usual available tapes of the conference. Perhaps their info will help to I.D. this subject and the researchers more for you and others. I'm sill reluctant to just post their phone numbers but the numbers may be at the university. I tried one listed as a home phone, got an answer machine, but don't want to cause disturbance at someone's home phone without their permission. After all, the university and lab can be contacted publicly. And I don't know if they personally have web sites, will look into it. Grandma Peg

Maybe I'll get this right if I keep trying...G.Peg

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