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Posted by Sue Davis on November 20, 2000 at 14:06:10:

In Reply to: Re: Deep pressure posted by Terri on October 23, 2000 at 19:47:21:

My friend makes vests for her son and uses a soft material for making weights. If you want anymore information, give her an e-mail @ [email protected]
: You need to consult a good occupational therapist. My daughter was the same way! She was not aggressive, but she was constantly cramming herself in small spaces to get the pressure. Have you ever read any of Temple Grandin's books. This was a real issue for her as well. There are several things you can do. YOur child is craving tactile stimulation and assumes others do too. I made a weighted vest out of an ordinary vest and velcro'd pouches of lima beans inside as weights. Much less expensive and just as effective. Also, take a chld's swimming pool and fill it full of assorted beans or sand and let your child bury his limbs in it. It is very therapeutic. Also, try rolling him up really tight in a blanket and unroll as a game. The more you provide appropriate means for tactile stimulation, the less he will crave it and seek it inappropriately. My O.T. put Sarah on a "brushing" program. You use a surgical scrub brush and gently brush the limbs and back. (not the stomach). It can help desentisize a child. Even just putting a mini-trampline in the house and allowing him to jump and let out some pent up energy and feel the impact on his legs will gelp immensely. I bet he jumps on the bed alot. Look into sensory integration. Jean Ayers has man books about it. It will help immensely.

: : My son Brian is 2.6 years old and constantly in need of deep pressure.

: : He is squeezinng and pinching my other 2 children until they cry and I come in and break them apart.

: : I have tried everything to stop this behavior. BUT I think I have come to the conclusion that it is deep within him. This need for a craving. Does that sound right? Is that how it works?

: : Anyway I heard that they have heavy pressure jackets for kids and I was wondering if anyone could share info on that with me, such as do they work? Where do I get thim? Etc.

: : Thank you Jen

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