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Posted by That sounds lie Kane's lav-Grandma Peg on September 02, 2000 at 17:50:50:

In Reply to: Blood Chemistry computer analysis testing posted by tisha reich on September 02, 2000 at 00:32:36:

: Does anyone know where i can have a blood chemistry computer analysis test done for my 3 year old autistic son? I live in USA in Pennsylvania. I read about this testing in the Alternative medicine digest issue 19. It is supposed to show what nutrients his body is lacking or getting too much of. I thought this would help my son since he tends to be constipated, and i noticed when he is constipated, his stimming, focus and attention span is worse than days when he is not. I believe if i could get his nutrition balanced, his autism might get better (the little boy in the article was "cured" after having this test done). My son is already on the gf/cf diet, and can only handle brown rice, tapioca starch, spaghetti squash, chicken, buckwheat, and a variety of oils. Thanks! Tish

REPLY; That sounds a lot lke Pat Kane's lab, BodyBio Corp. .in Millville, N.J. Web site is Their phone # is 856-825-8338 and Fax # 856-825-2143 What they do is send you a packet of info, free, telling you what they do and suggest 2 blood tells the whole make-upof the blood chemistry. But, they wok thru' a Dr's rx. Lately, I saw another site mentioned that does the same thing thru the same computer ..sadly, can't recall that one,,,it's another lab. Wha they do is send the samples to John's Hopkins..(or..??) who have 1 of only 2 in the world such 'readers', they say.Then each lab interprets the tech. results, sends that and recommendations to your Dr. I've had a time trying to get our alternative Dr. to get going with this, partly due to the fact that I couldn't adequetly explain what we wanted and what this lab of Kane's does, and because this Dr. now has their own lab and think they can do 'Anything', I had to print & send info to them too. Anyway, that's the info I have now, If I get the other lab' name, I'll post it later. BTW, this bowel problen is not unusual. Our Grandson went from diarhea to plus, almost like lower impactions. Mom gives him aloe vera juice - for internal consumptio and w/o a known ingredient in it that is Very laxative. Also extra vit. C. I've read that the zanthan or guar gums used in their bread baking, can be used too but don't know how much. Guar gum i bery laxative also but xanthan is more like a bulking agent and softener when needed. I, too, think they're worse when the bowel is plugged. The bad bacteria build upand spew poisen into their systems. So does yeast overgrowth. Those are done by a type of b.m. tests which can be done by several labs. God Bless, Grandma Peg

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