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Posted by sue on December 15, 2000 at 14:25:09:

we just took home a very badly disabled adult who has a very severe impairment, appears to hallucinate and have severe fears. he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 16, dumped by his family at 18, and is about 35 now and was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia when he got gangrene from being outside in february and getting frostbite. he's been on the street, off and on, and in various marginal housing situations, most of which he has been asked to leave, for about 18 years. he also rocks constantly, and we found a relative who said he rocked from a very early age. he was probably physically abused. he says medication for schizophrenia never helped him (he could be lying to avoid being medicated again). he's very, very intelligent but his judgement and thinking are very strange. i am quite sure he could be schizophrenic. but there are things about him that are quite confusing and odd.

i am very curious about this rocking from an early age. i am striking out finding the family, but know they were very secretive and paranoid, and had serious dysfunction themselves with lots of violence.

i wonder if this rocking and other behavior could be a result of this abusive environment superimposed ontop of schizophrenia. or if we could be seeing an adult who had early childhood schizophrenia (i am not used to these kids being so high functioning as adults), autism, or a developmental disorder that developed into schizophrenia.

i thought it was very, very rare for autistic or asperger's syndrome kids to grow up to be recognizable as adult schizophrenics with hallucinations.

i'm very puzzled with what we are dealing with here.

perhaps his rocking from an early age could be due to abuse, brain damage and he might simply be schizophrenic in addition to that with onset at 15.

or perhaps something quite different from that.

anyone ever run into this?

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