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Posted by DRR on September 02, 2000 at 20:45:53:

Hi .. this is a support board to share info. Identity of the people here is really a problem as anywhere else. You just have to do your own research and make your own judgments. Don't rely on what people say no matter how authoritative they sound. People have their own opinions and beliefs.

I lurk a lot, and I find that when I finally say something that I know...people go...who are you...are you a salesman...go away...and I am just a parent like anybody else....looking for info...surveying people to get answers...

I used to publish my real name on the boards and found that more people are more hostile or unresponsive to me than when I use a handle. Maybe because, I do a survey and people don't like them.

One thing that I learned is that you can't post anything on a board if you are new and talk about a cure or recovery to others. Many are skeptical and just plain hostile.

There are a lot of disagreements in the autism world. No wonder we can't get the one cure...people are always fighting each other.... autistic adults claim autism is a personality, parents of younger children says it came from an injury, parents of older children say you are crazy for attempting to find a cure because there is no cure.

What we need to do is to unify and help each other out. There are pockets of autism groups out there with diff's all genetic not vaccine, it's a vaccine-injury, it's enviromental toxicity, heavy metals, etc. etc.

I come here for support and helpful info. Then I just sift through what looks like a promising info or what is quack.

Let's unite and help each other.

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