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Posted by That's what I inqured about previously, who asked her or put her down..?? -Grandma Peg on September 04, 2000 at 14:41:18:

In Reply to: I thought Dr. Kane was asked to step down because of research fraud and other unethical behavior posted by Yvonne on September 02, 2000 at 18:20:01:

: She is not a medical doctor, besides, and I would check her out thoroughly before I performed any "lab tests" on my child. You can't be too careful - there are a LOT of people out there preying on the parents of autistic kids, because we're so desperate. SO check twice before you do anything!

REPLY: This is the rumor I was inquiring about earlier ...which someone took offense at my asking, I guess. I hadn't seen any report of Kane's being asked to 'stand down' from anything. I know she's not a Dr. as in M.D., she's a PhD...or, again, supposedly and as such is entitled to refer to the self as Dr., just as Shaw does, just as Rimland does, just as referred to. They're all PhD's in some kind of bio-sciences. Now, as to Kane, specifically, all I know is that she is an alternative practitioner and some in the med. circles scoff at alternative pactitioners. I haven't checked with Williss S. Langford about this but he seemed to think she knew what she was - is - doing. Ao, anyway, all I asked for previously was where this statement came from originally, and is it real or rumor..?? Such tests are real. As also stated previously, she interrprets lab results and writes nutritional programs. There is a national federation of alternative therapies providers, perhaps I can track them down and ask of her status there. Meantime, I'd be frateful for any info re; this 'rumor'. Grandma Peg

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