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Posted by Temple Grandin was tauht by rstricting stims also-Grandma Peg on September 04, 2000 at 15:23:38:

In Reply to: Re: Fixation Devices posted by Most all RED..Grandma Peg on September 04, 2000 at 15:02:45:

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: : : Thank you so much for your advice. I truly hope that you have the answer. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. If someone tries to steal your ideas you alway have proof , via your postings on this message board that it was your idea. Have you thought about having someone create you a webpage? If you do this..please, please come here and let us desperate moms and dads know it's URL. Bless you for caring

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: : : : My daughter preempted me by posting the abstract. Yes, television is a fixation device, cartoons are particularly harmful to an immature brain. Any device which captures and holds attention through one modality is a fixation device (mobiles suspended over cribs, ticking clocks) and should, in my opinion, be removed from the environment of a susceptible child. Indeed I would go so far as to say such devices should be withheld from the environment of any child until the age of ten or, better yet, post-puberty.
: : : : I have tentatively suggested a couple of method to halt the maldevelopment of the brain, an obvious method is to stop any attempt at self-stimulation (stimming). I have also suggested a very contraversial method whereby a child may emerge from the disorder, this method would require consultation with a child psychiatrist. I'm not at liberty to disclose them, doing so might cause me to be struck off a couple of associations I belong to. I'm still posting the article by snail mail to parents who have requested it and that in itself is a risk.

: : : : Is there a way for me to remove the abstract from the message board before copies of it are all over the net? Is it too late? Perhaps even irrelevant?

: : : : Greg and Grandma Peg, please accept my apologies on behalf of Chastity. She is an exceptionally nice young lady as a rule.
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: : : : Drummond

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: : COMMENT: Thank you, hope this brings back peace. There were articles this past winter about kids in Japan having seizures after watching TV cartoons that were mostl all ed. Red is known to be an exciter for epileptics but this seemed to happen to 'normal' kids. It was sorampant that the government removed that perticular cartoon. As to stopping stims, it's my theory that the kids are trying to raise the serotonin levels in their brains. So far, it seems that most research finds theses kids - ASD-NID's kids, ADD & ADHD kids, to be low in brain levels of serotonin. Lots of reg. M.D/s have prescribed SSRI's because of this. Since pleasurable practices also raise serotonin levels, I really think this is what the kids are trying to do by stimming. Of course, the prevalent idea is that these are for sensory input but that's also connected to seotonin levels, isn't it?-Grandma Peg
: Darn, did it again, meant to type most all RED..G.P.

Comment; I now recall from Temple Grandin's biography, the part posted in the Center for the Study of Autism site, that she was not allowed to stim until a particular school lesson was completed. Then she was allowed to stim, in a private place, for a brief amount of time. This is also sort of the way ABA and Greenspan's 'Floor Time' is structured. Yet, part of some PT & OT therapy is to allow stims for sensory integration. Gee, I'll sure be glad when total research is done on this disorder.It seems that we're always being pulled this way and that by each discovery or theory. I willbe pleased to read your article Dr. Drummond D., it sounds very interesting so far. TNX, Grandma Peg

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