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Posted by Nancy on September 05, 2000 at 00:01:24:

In Reply to: Re: Lyme Disease and sudden onset of Autistic behavior posted by Liz on September 04, 2000 at 23:57:47:

Thanks Liz! I won't give up on Emily and even if this is not Lyme she will get the proper
intervention with our school system. I'm lucky to have a school system with a great program.

: Hi,

: : I hope this will reach someone who did not associate a child's Autism diagnosis with Lyme Disease. My
: : beautiful 3 year old daughter came down with several "flu" like illnesses when she was 2-1/2. We live in a
: : Lyme Disease prone area and she was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease 1-1/2 months after her
: : 3rd birthday. She felt absolutely horrible and went on a 21 day antibiotic treatment. I'll always remember
: : her pediatrician saying that once she feels better I will have my happy, wonderful little girl back. She never
: : was the same after that. Thinking it was the " terrible two's" coming a little late, it never occurred to me
: : she could still be sick. Now it's Labor Day and just 4 days ago we were told Emily is Autistic. We just
: : could not accept this because Emily is loving, she looks everyone in the eye, she talks but has a speech
: : delay, is affectionate and happy. She can count to 12, knows all her colors, basic shapes and can identify
: : most letters of the alphabet. I realize children with mild Autism can be just like this but Emily changed
: : when she got Lyme Disease. Now she has irrational fears, has obsessive behavior and plays inappropriately.
: : She can recite a movie from beginning to end and act it out with her Disney figurines. She throws horrible
: : temper tantrums. A neurologist spoke to me for 40 minutes while observing Emily and gave me the
: : diagnosis the she is a highly intelligent Autistic child. I went on-line and typed in the word Autism and the
: : word Lyme. Only one web site came up and it was the Lyme Research Institute at Columbia Univ. Med.
: : Ctr. Dr. Brian Fallon is researching incidences of Autistic behavior occurring in children with Lyme. My
: : daughters pediatrician says there is some validity to this and is sending her to a specialist. I hope with
: : all my heart that this is Lyme Disease (but than again I don't because it is so hard to cure). I'm writing this
: : because there may be others in my situation who have not associated the two conditions. Wouldn't this
: : be a great breakthrough if parents and doctors became aware of the potential neurological manifestation of Lyme Disease
: : in children therefore preventing misdiagnosed developmental problems. I hope this reaches someone in
: : a similar situation so the appropriate treatment can be given. I realize Emily still may be Autistic but I
: : know that I will have exhausted all other possibilities. All I know is that her doctor told me 9 months ago
: : that Emily is not Autisitc ( I was concerned because of her speech delay and had no idea what the
: : symptoms of Autism were) and after the Lyme Disease she became a different child. I feel for all parents of Autistic children and I sincerely
: : wish all of you well!

: Nancy,

: Lyme disease can cause encephalitis and encephalitis can sometimes cause brain damage and does not always present obvious symptoms.
: It sounds like your daughter is very high functioning. I pray that she continues to progress and wish you well.

: Sincerely,

: Liz

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