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Posted by This coincides with Shattock's statement and possibly with Goldbergs-Grandma Peg on September 05, 2000 at 16:36:20:

In Reply to: Re: Lyme Disease and sudden onset of Autistic behavior posted by Nancy on September 05, 2000 at 00:01:24:

: Thanks Liz! I won't give up on Emily and even if this is not Lyme she will get the proper
: intervention with our school system. I'm lucky to have a school system with a great program.

: : Hi,

: : : I hope this will reach someone who did not associate a child's Autism diagnosis with Lyme Disease. My
: : : beautiful 3 year old daughter came down with several "flu" like illnesses when she was 2-1/2. We live in a
: : : Lyme Disease prone area and she was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease 1-1/2 months after her
: : : 3rd birthday. She felt absolutely horrible and went on a 21 day antibiotic treatment. I'll always remember
: : : her pediatrician saying that once she feels better I will have my happy, wonderful little girl back. She never
: : : was the same after that. Thinking it was the " terrible two's" coming a little late, it never occurred to me
: : : she could still be sick. Now it's Labor Day and just 4 days ago we were told Emily is Autistic. We just
: : : could not accept this because Emily is loving, she looks everyone in the eye, she talks but has a speech
: : : delay, is affectionate and happy. She can count to 12, knows all her colors, basic shapes and can identify
: : : most letters of the alphabet. I realize children with mild Autism can be just like this but Emily changed
: : : when she got Lyme Disease. Now she has irrational fears, has obsessive behavior and plays inappropriately.
: : : She can recite a movie from beginning to end and act it out with her Disney figurines. She throws horrible
: : : temper tantrums. A neurologist spoke to me for 40 minutes while observing Emily and gave me the
: : : diagnosis the she is a highly intelligent Autistic child. I went on-line and typed in the word Autism and the
: : : word Lyme. Only one web site came up and it was the Lyme Research Institute at Columbia Univ. Med.
: : : Ctr. Dr. Brian Fallon is researching incidences of Autistic behavior occurring in children with Lyme. My
: : : daughters pediatrician says there is some validity to this and is sending her to a specialist. I hope with
: : : all my heart that this is Lyme Disease (but than again I don't because it is so hard to cure). I'm writing this
: : : because there may be others in my situation who have not associated the two conditions. Wouldn't this
: : : be a great breakthrough if parents and doctors became aware of the potential neurological manifestation of Lyme Disease
: : : in children therefore preventing misdiagnosed developmental problems. I hope this reaches someone in
: : : a similar situation so the appropriate treatment can be given. I realize Emily still may be Autistic but I
: : : know that I will have exhausted all other possibilities. All I know is that her doctor told me 9 months ago
: : : that Emily is not Autisitc ( I was concerned because of her speech delay and had no idea what the
: : : symptoms of Autism were) and after the Lyme Disease she became a different child. I feel for all parents of Autistic children and I sincerely
: : : wish all of you well!

: : Nancy,

: : Lyme disease can cause encephalitis and encephalitis can sometimes cause brain damage and does not always present obvious symptoms.
: : It sounds like your daughter is very high functioning. I pray that she continues to progress and wish you well.

: : Sincerely,

: : Liz

COMMENTs; In the book by Karen Seroussi, 'Understanding Autism & PDD", she says Paul Shattock of the ARU in Sunderland College, England, said that one theory is that this type of autistic syndrome starts off with an encephalitis possibly caused by the mumps or the measles virus from the MMR vaccine. If it's from mumps virus, it's temporary brain damage, reversible with intensive therapy. If from measles, it's on-going because it (also) damages the gut and the whole neuropeptide 'thing' gets going. But if it's measles, something could trigger the releae of some missing ENZYMES, then the problem 'goes away' and it's called spontaneous recovery, which some kids have had. While Dr. Goldberg says something similar, his idea is of a virus becoming a 'stealth' virus which has covered itself with the body's own protein so it's by passed by white cells. He seems to think these damaging virus's concentrate in the neuro-immune system...which starts in the brain, as far as I know. We have new virus's in all countries now too because of so much world wide traveling. The bodies of one country are immune to their virus's but the bodies in other countries aren't. And the way the population of pests, such as ticks, rise and fall in cycles should be considered. Our daughter developed encephalitis at 2 years of age. It appeared that measles were trying to break out but went in instead. There was a weird thing about this in that this city had a small outbreak of this 'brain fever' at the same time. We had heard on the news that the mosquitoes which carry encephalitis were in a neighboring state, so it's possible the outbreak could have come across state lines in mosquitoes or in an already affected people or horses, who get it also, coming into the state. The ticks resposible for Lymes Disease have migrated and increased too. However, I can't convince Dr's to look for virus in our grandkids..yet. At this point in the research, it still seems this could be from anything. Grandma Peg

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