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Posted by This is where Goldberg's name for it may be the one we should be using-NIDS-The kids alr also being IGNORED-Grandma Peg on August 24, 2000 at 17:46:53:

In Reply to: Mercury poisoning is something else that needs to be investigated more thouroughly posted by I'm really Liz - all of us are heartbroken on August 21, 2000 at 18:21:14:

: : : : :As with most people who think they're onto something, he feels that his definition is the one. Maybe it is. He feels that the new autism epidemic isn't autism at all but a disease, an auto-immune dysfunction. You can check this out on his website, It seems to be the only answer that makes sense for kids like my daughter, who started out normal and regressed after 2 years, after tons of language, sentences, eye contact - all gone. What else could it be? A time-delayed gene????

: : :
: : : My son also did not show symptoms until after he was two. He was already answering questions and was talking. He was very socially engaging. In fact, shortly after he turned two, I had more than one person comment on how well he was talking for a child his age. Then, a few months later, his language started to decrease and he started to avoid loved family members (except for me, thank God) and stopped responding when we called his name.

: : : This is why it is so hard for me to accept. Someone needs to explain how this happened to him. This is a terrible disease and if it is increasing in numbers, then it needs to be defined and there needs to be a planned course of treatment for these children other than special education.

: : The comparison of autistic syptoms to mercury poisoning is undeniably similiar.And mercury does have a time-delay after entering the body.
: : Yes, why don't the doctors that diagnose recommend heavy metal testing? Lead poisoning is known to cause neurological problems .
: : Well the truth will come out! And the truth will set us free...

: One of the first things I had done after my son was diagnosed was have all of my children tested for lead poisoning. The people at my pediatrician's office acted like I was ridiculous for wanting to do this. I have read about the similarities between autism and mercury poisoning. It is also interesting to note that mercury affects more males than females at low levels. This may account for why more male children acquire autism. Mercury can also cause immune dysfunction.

: Whatever the case, I am not an M.D. The American Academy of Pediatrics has ignored this disease. They are taking the thimerosal out of the vaccines. This is a step in the right direction. However, thousands of families are being diagnosed and are left out on a limb. We deserve better. Are children are treated as if they simply have learning disabilities when there are many other physical manifestations of autism.

REPLY; As said in the title, being classified as ASD may be the main reason we Are being ignored as 'everyone- med people- knows, autism is not 'treatable, curable, etc.' so if they are called autistic because of their symptoms, it simplifies everything, for the ANA, the FDA, the CDC, etc., just shelve them, warehouse them. Hwever, if we cluster under the title from Dr. Goldberg more, Neuro Immune Dyfunction/ disorder, MAYBE we'll get more attention. At the time, the ASA and ARI and related researchers, were the only ones who sheltered us and have been our main source of tsting and treatment standards, God Bless them, but it seems most of our Dr's say, well, it's Not Autism but certainly looks like, I think we should rally to support Dr. Goldberg's org.more Now but not dump the .. Autism foundations either. We all need to work them together and, we all need to write our agencies in our respective countries and states and Fed. governments on a regular basis about the epidemic, personal stories and questions and insist on Their research and assistance. I know, I say that and I haven'y written one yet but I think I..WE...need to and really be 'nice, rational' but bugging. Grandma Peg

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