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Posted by Brenda on September 06, 2000 at 12:19:06:

In Reply to: Re: hep B and autism posted by Margaret on September 06, 2000 at 03:17:40:

: : I just want to know if there is a connection between hepB and Autism .I also would like to know if you can develop Autism as say a 4 yerar old when you had been normal all your life? i have a friend and we suspect her son has it but seemed ok as an small child until about three years ago he is now 7.I amm just wanting some info for her...Thanks

: To be straight to the point........
: Any vaccine is capable of giving it's recipient an Encephalopathy such as Encephalitis from
: which it is known the recipient CAN AQUIRE AUTISM. Of course the orthadox medical -
: profession freely admit this fact -albeit only if one aquires autism via some 'natura'l infection!!
: The fact is There is no difference between a 'natural' infection and a 'vaccine' infection- when
: one is given a vaccine one is being given the 'disease' that is being alledged (by orthadoxy) to
: so-called 'protect' the recipient !
: Autism is most widely thought to have only two causes 1. damage at birth 2. Infection,
: such as rubella, influenzae etc.

: Aquired autism CAN and DOES happen at ANY age- think about it- there's no hard and fast
: 'age' rule for
: ANY Encephalopathy, is there?
: Would you say why you particularly suspect HEP B Vaccine?
: I'm assuming it's because it was given at
: age 4, - around the time you state the child began to show Autistic tendancies, though i do
: think it would be unusual for a 4 year old to be called for one single shot at 4 yrs as they most often
: recieve the so-called pre-school 'boosters' ie. DPT, MMR, HepB etc; dependant on scedules.
Thank you for the info what sort of help sholud she seek for her son if Docters do not think there is a link between imunizations. I am asking is there a certain sort of Docter she should take him to. i agree that he has problem always had symptons but since he has started school it is now more noticeable.

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