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Posted by oops-But yes, the Varivax ads were a sla in the face-Grandma Peg on September 06, 2000 at 16:23:42:

In Reply to: Re: Is anyone else bothered by these new dramatic ads for Varivax that are all over TV in the US posted by There's no Money in Not getting immunizations-Grandma Peg on September 06, 2000 at 16:18:34:

: : :
: : : I hope this doesn't become a new trend. They have these new ads on TV scaring people into getting a chicken pox vaccine for their children.
: : : Why do the children who have adverse reactions get shoved under the rug? Why aren't the complications and risk factors associated with the vaccine named on the commercial. I'm sorry, but my son started to regress 2 weeks after he received this immunization and these commercials really bother me.

: : : Sorry for venting,

: : : Liz
: : I'm from the UK so i haven't viewed the US chickenpox vaccine advert. They do the same in the
: : UK, sadly. Here there are many people trying to address this situation as these adverts are
: : 'one sided scaremongering' and are not in any way HONEST.
: : In short They prey on peoples FEAR.
: : Goverment departments do appear to have the greatest influence on
: : commercials !
: : Do you have a consumer code for honesty of adverts in the US?
: : If you do then you could write to the broadcasting stations complaints agency/dept; stating
: : that this (and other adverts) regarding vaccination are not giving the consumer-
: : -(vaccinations are, after all a consumer product)- a fair and balanced view
: : (they're not telling people the very real risks /side effects of the vaccine)
: : IT may well be that TV companys might end up being Sued/held liable by consumers, for their part
: : in these less than honest adverts, it's their duty after all to see that ALL Adverts are HONEST.

: : Perhaps you could start a campaign/ encourage others to write etc.
: : Also contact US Pro-choice support groups and see what action they
: : are taking in regard to these adverts
: : start with
: : http://www.909
: : Best wishes,
: : Margaret.

: Reply; Frankly, I don't think TV people care wheher there's Total truth in advertisments, otherwise, they'd have to tell of the dangers of alcohol consumption, etc. and everyone of those involved wouldn't make money on that. A new type of ad has surfaced just recently, in the states, involving tobacco and certain manufacturers. They put on this dramatic screen with just printing and sometimes a reader, telling that the governent now requires them to do such and such and then they tell of all the beneficial organizations they donated to. After all, ads are to Sell 'stuff' and most are caveat emptor. Grandma Peg

P.S. From G.Peg, but yes, those ads were a shock. I could hardly believe it. Not that I discount their contntion that chicken pox can be is a virus and it breaks out on the inside first. It can cause diarrhea and stomach upsets and fevers, I've seen that much.And you're right about those adversly affected being swept under cover...our kids are the acceptable risk' factors, don't you know. G.Peg

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