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Posted by One who is also there on September 08, 2000 at 12:47:02:

In Reply to: How do I get my son a one on one Teacher's aid??? posted by DeAnna in Georgia on September 07, 2000 at 10:09:27:

: My son's teacher told me she did'nt realize how much one on one time Jacob needed. There is a teacher's aid and 6 kids in the class. Do I have a right to ask for his own aid for him ???? How do I go about doing it? Is the school required to provide one? She said she does'nt know how I do it at home with the other 3 kids . DeAnna

Have you scheduled an IEP meeting. This is usually the best place to ask for services. Be firm and adamant. It is hard, but you must go to these meetings thinking that you are negotiating a business deal, not being a "mere" parent. I have been fortunate to get services here in California, but I suspect some of what I have been able to get is due to my dogma, though my husband says you can attract more flies with honey then vinegar, when working with the educational system the squeaky wheel gets all the attention. You may also want to contact your state department of education and see if you can receive a copy of their composite of laws book regarding special education. These are the laws mandated by the State Department of Education. In California this book is nearly two inches thick.I don't know anything about Education laws in Georgia. If you want to request the California laws (it is free), write to Department of Education, Publications Division, P.O. Box 271, Sacramento, CA 95812; Attention Sales Department. Request a copy of the publication, "Special Education Composite of Laws". This was updated in Spring 2000. If nothing else it will show you what other states are doing and give you appropriate language to request services. Don't be a mere parent. You are your child's strongest advocate. There can be friends in the education sytem, but not when you are asking for services. Services cost money! Good luck.

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